• 03/17


    Regarding all your exposition, see if you can let your exposition "walk and chew gum at the same time," so to speak. That is, if a scene is only designed to provide exposition on X, see if you can make the scene do double duty, or triple duty, and provide exposition on Y and Z as well. Read More:

  • 12/09


    Make sure each element you're conveying is absolutely mandatory. Favor readability, entertainment, brevity, and audience clarity over making sure the reader and audience fully grasp the historical accuracy and detail you've obviously taken great effort to present. Read More:

  • 11/25


    By script page ten, we know thoroughly that the film is about teleportation, and that it's dangerous. That's good. But what would be better is if we knew on page 1 that the SLT's were dangerous. Plant a seed there on p. 1 or 2. Maybe someone comes out of the SLT with something just a Read More:

  • 06/30


    Paring down sluglines, getting rid of useless exposition and redundant action, and making a script's first 10 pages more evocative by having your characters muddle through less dialogue. How many of these mistakes are you making? Read More:

  • 04/03


    First things first. The screenplay format is wrong. The script needs to look like a script. Google "screenwriting programs," or get your hands on a free copy of Celtx or any of the other available free screenwriting programs. Read More:

  • 03/29


    The conversations feel real. The situations feel real. The characters are alive. The story, or at least the first part of it, is clearly about a man about to be unfaithful with his wife. This is a good hook to pull readers in with. See if you can get to it a bit faster while still setting up Read More:

  • 03/14


    The script has texture and realism. Now it just needs presentability. There's a good conflict being set up. I'm aboard. Honestly, I like the story so far. Now I want to trust the writer more though. The pages can't be such a chore do digest. Fix the typos which means less typos, more professional presentation. Don't give them an Read More:

  • 02/07


    You may have an interesting story here, but the format is killing it right now. If I'm a reader at an agency/prodco, I put this down before I get to P. 10. Not the end of the world, but before you work on anything else, you may want to really dive into how your script looks and reads, because Read More: