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Welcome to Script Coverage Academy – a one-stop tutorial site for aspiring script readers and anyone interested in pursuing a side job (or even a career) in script reading or development. If you’re looking for how to get started as a screenplay reader, or need some quick fundamentals on writing coverage, we’ve got you, well, covered.  (har har) 😉

bookScript Coverage Basics

A beginner’s guide / quick overview of the fundamentals of writing screenplay coverage and a few quick tips on how to get started as a paid script reader. Download the free 50+ page ebook or walk through it online in 5 quick chapters. Or do both. Or neither. Or juggle pineapples.


documents and templatesScript Coverage Templates

Several different free editable script coverage templates (openable in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice) that you can download and modify however you like.


infographicScript Reading Infographic

3000 vertical pixels worth of at-a-glance details on what makes up the basic “meat and potatoes” of a script coverage. For the aspiring script reader who may be a complete neophyte, but loves pretty pictures.

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