Why Introvert Screenwriters Need To Collaborate

Screenwriters don't do teams, but need to

Ever since I started writing, I’ve been an introvert writer. At first, out of necessity, then out of pure mimicry of the supposed lone, struggling artist banging away on his typewriter, then, as I got older, and time grew shorter, out of the desperate pursuit pure chronological efficacy. I’ve never been an introvert socially; just … Read more

Review of the Screenwriting App Writer Duet

Collaboration software for screenwriters

Today I jumped into a new online screenwriting app called Writer Duet. It’s main feature is that two or more screenwriters can log in to Writer Duet, for free, and edit the same exact script on the screen, in real-time, as each single character is typed by each of the writers. But while punching in a … Read more

Screenwriters Groups – Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of writers groups

I’m a huge fan of writers groups. Screenwriting, like all writing, is mostly a very lonely endeavor.  One woman.  One word processor.  Or two, if you’re collaborating.  But ironically, the end goal of all screenwriting has traditionally been a stack of pages that get turned into a film that’s projected in front of a room … Read more

How to tell a screenwriter that her screenplay needs work

How to critique a fellow screenwriter

Two immutable facts of life for screenwriters: 1) Everybody has a script 2) Everybody is a critic Three, actually: 3) Some screenwriters are super-sensitive and aren’t quite ready to handle brutally honest feedback just yet As screenwriters, we’ve all done “friend reads,” right? Me, despite doing script notes for a living, I still do get … Read more

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