Field Guide to Spotting Screenwriters In The Wild (Part 1)

I’ve worked with all types of screenwriters here at Screenplay Readers, good, bad, friendly, evil, you name it.  And having written, directed and produced 5 feature films, I’ve had the fortune of being exposed to (or inoculated by, you might say) an even wider variety of the species known as screenwriterus domesticus. So, since the … Read more

The “Am I A Mouthy Screenwriter?” Quiz

Sure, you’re a good screenwriter. But are you a rambling, mouthy screenwriter who can’t stop typing, can’t stop describing, can’t stop filling the page with redundant words and text blocks? Take my easy 5-question screenwriter quiz to see if you’ve got the goods when it comes to turning your screenplay into a lean, mean, agent-wooing machine. … Read more

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