The 5 funniest negative responses to our script coverage

They say a company is never supposed to publish its negative testimonials.  Well, they may be right, but some of these are just too hard to resist posting. We’ve been reading scripts and providing script coverage at Screenplay Readers since 1999, and have had a ton of awesome feedback and glowingly positive testimonials from happy writers, happy … Read more

Screenwriting Critique – How to Handle Script Notes Like a Pro

Triumph the Insult dog saying "This script was great... for me to poop on."

A screenwriting critique – It can be fun to do one, but it’s not always fun when it’s your script that’s being critiqued. If you’ve ever received script notes on one of your screenplays, you know how frustrating it can be if the reader who read the script just flat-out didn’t like it, and/or gave your script low marks, or … Read more

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