Persistence: How to make it as a screenwriter

Screenwriter Food Pyramid

Screenwriters are often malnourished. No, not in the food sense, but in the department of career orientation. Some ask “Can I make it as a screenwriter if I don’t live in LA?” (a question I answer in my article here). And some ask “What are the best day jobs for screenwriters? (which I offer some suggestions … Read more

Set Etiquette for Screenwriters

What screenwriters should and shouldn't do while on a film set

If you’re lucky/skilled/badass enough to have one of your screenplays optioned/bought and kicked into production, and if they’ve invited you to be a part of the experience of filming it, you might want to keep in mind, matey, the fact that thar be only a few things an on-set screenwriter is expected to actually, well, do.

Screenwriters Groups – Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of writers groups

I’m a huge fan of writers groups. Screenwriting, like all writing, is mostly a very lonely endeavor.  One woman.  One word processor.  Or two, if you’re collaborating.  But ironically, the end goal of all screenwriting has traditionally been a stack of pages that get turned into a film that’s projected in front of a room … Read more

Animation writer Steve Darancette on giving script feedback

Animation script development

I recently ran into screenwriter and script consultant Steven Darancette at a local awesome coffee shop.  Steve and I had worked together on several features in the past, but hadn’t hung out for a while. In the interim, Steve had written for a ton of produced shows, including some for Warner Bros.  (Ozzy & Drix, … Read more

A Screenwriter’s Guide to Networking at Hollywood Parties

Social Tips for Screenwriters

It’s the age-old cliché of Hollywood:  the industry party, loaded from wall to wall with wannabe’s, fakers, hanger’s-on, and phonies.  And they’re all nobodies going nowhere who think they’re somebody.  If you go to an industry party in Los Angeles, the chances of you running into some of these characters are extremely high, and I’m … Read more

Screenplay Readers