Why a script coverage “budget” section probably isn’t too useful

Ham picture with caption "Estimated budget in script coverage? Seems a bit hammy to me.."

Have you ever received a coverage back from a company or private script reader and the coverage has a “budget” section? You’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Many script coverages do indeed include sections for both “Budget” and “Marketability.” But why? The answer is fairly simple, and comes in two parts. The first … Read more

Set Etiquette for Screenwriters

What screenwriters should and shouldn't do while on a film set

If you’re lucky/skilled/badass enough to have one of your screenplays optioned/bought and kicked into production, and if they’ve invited you to be a part of the experience of filming it, you might want to keep in mind, matey, the fact that thar be only a few things an on-set screenwriter is expected to actually, well, do.

How to Hang On To Your Screenwriting Credit in Production

Congrats! Your screenplay is awesome! So awesome, it’s getting made into a motion picture by a mid-sized production company or small studio. But wait… that means an entire film crew is going to be reading your script now.  (Or at least skimming it, if you’re a lazy Art Director or something) That’s a lot of eyeballs … Read more

6 ways to get paid for your screenwriting, even on a small film

How to get paid for writing, even on a small film

I’ve written 5 features that have gotten made into films, and have been compensated as a screenwriter on all of them, even if it was just a small amount of cash, or even just a net points deal (a percentage of the revenue after the film makes its money back). I know too many screenwriters that … Read more

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