Writing an “audience draft” to kick your script in the pants

The power of cinema - People sleeping in a theater

Is your screenplay about the audience?  Or is it all about you? My company has read a lot of scripts. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands!  (Okay, well, not hundreds of thousands.) Good scripts, bad scripts, mediocre scripts.  And they’ve all had their positives and minuses.  And super-minuses. But there’s one major commonality across all less-than-stellar spec screenplays, … Read more

Screenwriters Groups – Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of writers groups

I’m a huge fan of writers groups. Screenwriting, like all writing, is mostly a very lonely endeavor.  One woman.  One word processor.  Or two, if you’re collaborating.  But ironically, the end goal of all screenwriting has traditionally been a stack of pages that get turned into a film that’s projected in front of a room … Read more

The Differences Between Script Notes and Script Coverage

Script notes and how they differ from coverage

Script coverage and script notes are two different animals on their own, but are really not all that far apart… That is, until you have customers paying for one or the other who don’t know the difference. Script notes are an MRI / Script coverage is a 6-month checkup In a nutshell, script coverage is 2-4 pages … Read more

QUIZ: Will you know when your screenplay is actually finished?

When screenwriters should stop writing

Ah, your screenplay is finished. That “Save as PDF” command is just dying for you to click it. Getting your script out there is you’ve been working years toward. It’s that final moment when you can say “I’m done with this screenplay.  Time to move on to the next one.”  But how do you know when … Read more

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