How to write better characters: outline them using verbs only

How to describe characters using only verbs

One of my writing partners and I are working on a new horror feature script, and we’re in the outlining/beat sheeting stage right now.  Our characters aren’t quite gelled yet, and we’re both firmly entrenched in the belief that character begets plot, so outside of a few key visual sequences we’ve sketched out, our plot … Read more

QUIZ: Will you know when your screenplay is actually finished?

When screenwriters should stop writing

Ah, your screenplay is finished. That “Save as PDF” command is just dying for you to click it. Getting your script out there is you’ve been working years toward. It’s that final moment when you can say “I’m done with this screenplay.  Time to move on to the next one.”  But how do you know when … Read more

Is your ego keeping you from being a great screenwriter?

Get medieval? But I'm a screenwriter

My animation writer friend Steve said yesterday “In Los Angeles, you’re either thinking in Spanish, or you’re thinking about your screenplay.” I don’t know about the Spanish part, but it got me thinking of a more interesting question:   Are most screenwriters thinking about their screenplay, or are they thinking about their screenwriter ego? Screenwriter … Read more

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