How to tell you’re reading a terrible screenplay

6 clues a screenplay is bad

Sometimes, we script readers get lucky. That is, when we dig into a screenplay to give script notes or provide script coverage, sometimes we know right away that the script we’re reading is gonna be a painful read.
Most times, that takes us a few pages. But sometimes, right off the bat, we get some really great clues that let us know “Hey, this screenwriter isn’t professional.”

7 Bullsh*t Script Notes (and what they really mean)

Writing likeable characters

Script notes are great for screenwriters. When a screenwriter asks for script notes from a script coverage company or a screenwriting group, that screenwriter assumes she’ll be receiving specific notes on her screenplay.  But even with the best of intentions, our friends, our screenwriters’ groups, our script coverage companies of choice –  they don’t always … Read more

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