How to tell a screenwriter that her screenplay needs work

How to critique a fellow screenwriter

Two immutable facts of life for screenwriters: 1) Everybody has a script 2) Everybody is a critic Three, actually: 3) Some screenwriters are super-sensitive and aren’t quite ready to handle brutally honest feedback just yet As screenwriters, we’ve all done “friend reads,” right? Me, despite doing script notes for a living, I still do get … Read more

QUIZ: Will you know when your screenplay is actually finished?

When screenwriters should stop writing

Ah, your screenplay is finished. That “Save as PDF” command is just dying for you to click it. Getting your script out there is you’ve been working years toward. It’s that final moment when you can say “I’m done with this screenplay.  Time to move on to the next one.”  But how do you know when … Read more

Is your ego keeping you from being a great screenwriter?

Get medieval? But I'm a screenwriter

My animation writer friend Steve said yesterday “In Los Angeles, you’re either thinking in Spanish, or you’re thinking about your screenplay.” I don’t know about the Spanish part, but it got me thinking of a more interesting question:   Are most screenwriters thinking about their screenplay, or are they thinking about their screenwriter ego? Screenwriter … Read more

How to not to be a jerk when receiving script feedback

My company is comprised of a team of vastly different script analysts, with vastly different tastes and backgrounds, as is any good company offering script feedback. But where you go wrong as a screenwriter in choosing one of us script coverage companies to cover your script is when you treat the entire process as if it’s an … Read more

The “Am I A Mouthy Screenwriter?” Quiz

Sure, you’re a good screenwriter. But are you a rambling, mouthy screenwriter who can’t stop typing, can’t stop describing, can’t stop filling the page with redundant words and text blocks? Take my easy 5-question screenwriter quiz to see if you’ve got the goods when it comes to turning your screenplay into a lean, mean, agent-wooing machine. … Read more

5 Steps To Growing Thick Skin as a Screenwriter

Why screenwriters need thick skin

From my perspective at Screenplay Readers, I see the odds that are stacked against screenwriters every day, with every script that comes in and piles up in our queue, and I can’t help but think that many of these screenwriters sending in their scripts don’t share that perspective. I also can’t help but think that … Read more

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