Quick Review of Highland – John August’s Screenwriting App

Plain desk and chair with caption "You might say I'm a minimalist screenwriter."

Sometimes we screenwriters, we just want to, well, screenwrite. We don’t always enjoy fussing over format or margins or how to make a parenthetical look right or whether or not writing “THE END” should be marked in Final Draft as a slugline/scene heading or an action line or just plain “general.” The idea of Final Draft and … Read more

A review of the Mac screenwriting app Slugline

Slugline Screenwriting app for mac

As a screenwriter who likes to use screenwriting apps, you wanna know what I’m most wary of?  Reviews like this (click for picture) Final Draft is a great program.  I use it a lot.  But the review site I found this comparison graphic on seems to think there’s nothing about Final Draft that could improvement, giving it … Read more

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