The Screenwriters Bill of Rights

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George Washington saying "Bro you just watered down my writing credit."

With the amount of available outlets for filmed entertainment exploding exponentially each year, the demand for screenwriters at nearly all levels below the “Studio Tentpole Writer Line” grows ever higher. But so does the number of producers and companies jumping … Read More

Why Writing For Movies is Officially Dead

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pixels movie billboard

As I look on the works of Hollywood, (ye mighty and despair), I can’t help but weep, and I can’t help but laugh. Because from where I sit at my ergonomic standing desk, screenwriting appears to be simultaneously dying, yet … Read More

Script Formatting – Do Script Readers Even Care?

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the Anal Retentive Chef talks script formatting

A recent client of Screenplay Readers expressed concern over a script formatting issue. In her case, she had a phone conversation scene, a few “V.O.”‘s were missing under some of the characters’ names. So she was a bit worried because she’d already … Read More

5 Reasons Screenwriters Should Watch The Superbowl

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Football player getting hit, saying "Oh goodie. An excuse for conversation."

The character of Dante Hicks from Clerks once said to his friend Randal: “You hate people!” To which Randal replied “But I love gatherings.” And I can’t think of a more appropriate description of my relationship to the Superbowl, and/or … Read More

How screenwriters can win arguments with producers

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Screenwriter and producer as gladiators

With all screenwriters, it happens sooner or later. Eventually, we all get into fights with producers. Creative, financial, it doesn’t matter – if you’re writing screenplays, and you’re at all successful in getting one of your scripts into any sort … Read More

Writing an elevator pitch for your screenplay

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Mad Men in elevator telling a joke

Many of the scripts that come into Screenplay Readers have a lot going for ’em:  great dialogue, solid pacing, characters that leap off the page… But sometimes a screenplay can have all those things firing on all those cylinders and still come up a … Read More

Persistence: How to make it as a screenwriter

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Screenwriter Food Pyramid

Screenwriters are often malnourished. No, not in the food sense, but in the department of career orientation. Some ask “Can I make it as a screenwriter if I don’t live in LA?” (a question I answer in my article here). And … Read More