How screenwriting at Starbucks can completely ruin your life

Screenwriting at Starbucks can be great. Free wi-fi, a nice jazzy environment with woody overtones, baristas unionizing, etc. And there really are a ton of screenwriters who love working in Starbucks (or Peet’s or Coffee Bean or similar). On their laptops.  But frankly, I have no idea how they can do it. Me, I need peace, quiet, … Read more

120 page maximum for screenplays — why it’s a good thing

“A screenplay’s page count should be no longer than 120 pages.” We’ve all heard it time and again about script page count, whether in film school, or just as an anecdotal whisper on the screenwriter wind. 120 pages? Maximum? Isn’t that just a bit arbitrary?  Why not 121?  Why not 119? After all, The Godfather, (a great … Read more

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