Script Notes To-Go!

Producers and agents can tell if your screenplay is what they’re looking for by page 2.

We’ll read your first 10 pages for FREE and give you a quick batch of script notes on our initial thoughts. Here’s how it works:

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1) Upload your script’s pages below

2) If we choose your pages, we’ll post your pages and our brief script notes on our public blog.

3) Oh, and did we mention? It’s totally FREE.

Do your script pages grab a script reader right off the bat?
(Or does it repel them, like ant chalk?)

Are the characters and situations clear?
(Or are they confusing? AKA “Or they am confusing are?”)

Does it seem like your screenplay has a good, strong, marketable hook?
(Or is it a bit “soft on concept,” like that extra 10 pounds your cat can’t seem to lose?)

Does the screenplay give the right impression?  Does the format, spelling, etc. look professional?
(Or does it look like it was hit by a train?)

If we select your pages to write script notes for, you’ll see them on our blog in anywhere from 5 days to 20 days or so (we don’t email them to you). Also, we do reserve the right to not comment on any screenplay pages. (We reserve lefts as well, because we’re ambidextrous.)

Send your first 10 pages to