The Script Hub is a Database of Curated Scripts and Script Coverage

We’re a producer-centric curated database of scripts, coverage, and loglines, powered by the script coverage company Screenplay Readers, which reads and covers thousands of spec scripts each year, submitted by writers and filmmakers.

The Script Hub’s goal is to make it easier and faster for producers to find new projects and writers, by providing access to a script database that utilizes the power of a full-time professional human script reading team to rank and prioritize high quality material.

$49/year for unlimited access

(But 100% FREE for Screenplay Readers customers and vetted producers, agents, and filmmakers – More below!)

How does The Script Hub work?

Writers who’ve had their scripts covered by Screenplay Readers may list their script on The Script Hub for free. The Script Hub algorithm ranks and sorts them by coverage rating, genre, sub-genre, and various other criteria.

Scripts with coverage, and scripts with RECOMMEND or CONSIDER ratings from Screenplay Readers, are given the most weight and visibility, making it easy for Producers to find the good material, fast.

But we realize that many potentially marketable scripts don’t always have great coverage, so we also allow writers to add their scripts to The Script Hub even if the script received a PASS, or doesn’t have any coverage at all, but these scripts simply rank lower in The Script Hub’s search results.

Producers & Agents: browse covered, ranked spec scripts

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Script Hub’s database has a constant influx of new, fresh spec scripts that have already been read and covered, thanks to our reader team at Screenplay Readers. Customers who order coverage from us have the option of listing their script, coverage, and/or logline on The Script Hub for free. We’ve done the heavy lifting. All you have to do is browse.

Free for film industry professionals

IMDB logoTotally free for film industry professionals. Just shoot us a quick pic or scan of any film industry guild membership (WGA, PGA, SAG, DGA) or your business webpage (film industry only) that has a link back to our website on it and we’ll hook you up with full, unlimited access to the Hub.


Scripts read, covered, and rated by our expert script analysts

Studio and agency logosBrowse with ease, knowing that the covered scripts in our database have been read by our elite team of paid, professional script readers. See our team of readers here.


Search/browse by coverage rating, genre, sub-genre, tags, or keywords

list of genresSearch by any genre, sub-genre, or keyword. Browse only RECOMMENDS or CONSIDERS, or if you’re feeling wild, dive through the PASS section or Not Covered section in search of that “diamond in the rough” script, concept, or writer.


Contact the writer directly. Writers can’t contact you.

contact the writer directlyIf you find a project you’re interested in, you contact the writer directly via whatever contact info the writer has listed. Writers can’t contact you within the site, as zero producer contact information is displayed.

The curating power of a full-time team of script readers

Full team of script readers at your disposalThe Script Hub is more than just a list of scripts. It’s also coverage and curation. We weight covered scripts in our database more heavily, so they show up first in searches and browses, taking precedence over the scripts without coverage and letting you find pre-read, pre-screened material faster. We only allow writers to include coverage from our company Screenplay Readers in their listings, not coverage from other companies, so you can rest assured that the coverage is accurate.

Free Producer Access

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Screenwriters, liberate your screenplay from obscurity

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Script Hub’s database is based on the idea that not all spec scripts are created equal, but that all specs should have a shot at being seen. To that end, we sort our covered scripts higher in our Hub, which allows producers to only focus on pre-covered material if they choose, while also letting them search and browse through lesser-scoring scripts and coverage in case they’re looking for diamond in the rough, or writer with a voice they’re looking for.

Get your script in front of producers and agents

icon film lightsProducers need material, but what they’re after is often very specific. Listing your project on the Hub lets producers and agents find you and your script in an easy, super-intuitive way.

Free for customers of Screenplay Readers

gift iconThe first time you order any coverage or notes or formatting from Screenplay Readers, you get unlimited access to The Script Hub for free for one full year. List as many scripts as you like, with or without coverage. (But keep in mind that listings with coverage are far more visible.) Edit or delete any of your listings at any time.

You have total control over your listing and contact info

icon hammer wrenchList your logline and contact info only, or add your script, and/or up to 3 different coverages, or nearly every any combination thereof. (You don’t have to upload a script or coverage, but you must at least list a logline) Oh, and by the way, only Producers can see your full listing details. Writers access only entitles you to see your own script’s details but just the title, logline, and rating of other scripts on the Hub.)

Producers LOVE scripts with coverage

icon heartProducers, Agents, and Managers want to cut to the chase. A database of coverage like ours helps them do exactly that. On The Script Hub, listings with coverage attached are given the highest visibility. Your coverage, whether it’s high scoring or low scoring, puts your script above all the listings without coverage on the Hub.

Producers contact you directly

icon handshakeIf a Producer / Agent / Manager is interested in knowing more about your script, you deal with them directly, not us. If your project gets sold or optioned, we make no claim to it, and take no cut. It’s 100% between you and the producer.

Get coverage and get listed free

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