10 Feedback-Only Coverages

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Save money by buying credit for 10 Feedback-Only Coverages and use the credits any time. It’s the flexibility to get coverage on your work at your own pace.

Your 10 Feedback-Only Script Coverages package includes:

  • (10) Feedback Section (detailed, actionable notes and suggestions for your script)
  • (10) Rewrite Priorities Grids – Our reader’s opinion on 25 key areas where they feel your rewrite should focus on
  • (10) Recommendations (PASS/CONSIDER/RECOMMEND)
  • (10) Informal Bechdel Test Scores 
  • (30) Script Reader Follow-Up Questions

Feedback-Only Coverage doesn’t include a brief synopsis or a logline.

Spend your credits immediately (max 3 at a time), or save them and spend them over time, at your own pace, for any script or any draft, by any writer. 

Scripts from 0-120 pages cost 1 credit
Scripts from 121-200 pages cost 2 credits

This 10-Feedback-Only package is great for

  • Writers and producers looking for multiple opinions
  • Writers and producers honing a single script over multiple drafts
  • Getting feedback on many different scripts at once
  • Agencies and studios looking to get through that big submission pile
  • Writers looking to team up and share expenses on getting feedback
Please note: Turnaround may take longer than 72 hours
We’re able to heavily discount our 10 Feedback-Only packages are because we’re able to take a bit longer than our usual 24-72 hours to get these back to you. We appreciate your patience!
Please note: Read Credits are tied to our Reader Rates
We reserve the right to reduce read credits when we increase our reader pay rates, especially if those credits are not spent after many years.

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