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Let us generate a custom line-item BUDGET for your film, episode, or entire series… 

(For fundraising, producing your film, or submitting for grants or workshops. Takes 5 minutes, and we email you your budget files immediately)

Generating a budget for your film project has never been easier. Our online film budgeting app over at Film Budgeteers asks you a few easy questions about your film, in plain English. We start with:

  • “How much would you like your total budget to be?” (Which can be anywhere from $10,000 to $100 million)

And then we ask a few more detailed questions like…

  • “How many characters are in your script?”
  • “Is there a lot of CGI or just a little?”
  • “Are there stunts?”
  • “Would you like to budget for movie stars?”

You don’t need to be a producer to answer any of the questions. You just need to know a little about your script.

Once we’re done with the questions, we factor everything together using the powerful budgeting engine we’ve got under the hood. Then, within about 5 minutes of starting the whole process, we’ve generated a 14-page, fully detailed, fully professional line-item budget, customized specifically for your film, episode, or series, which we send you within a minute or two.

Your budget will include all cast, all crew positions required at your budget level, contingency, fringes, labor rates for specific unions (SAG/DGA/WGA), or no unions at all (if you’re budgeting for a smaller film), and everything else a pro film or tv budget includes.

Ordinarily $97.00 for Excel and PDF, but only $69 with your purchase today at Screenplay Readers.

After you order, we immediately email you a code. You click on a link in that same email which takes you to Film Budgeteers, our sister site. There, you answer a few quick questions about your film. Then within a minute or two, Film Budgeteers sends you your budget as an Excel file and a PDF.
Nope. You just need to know a few key details about your film. The Film Budgeteers budgeting engine will do the rest.
Every budget is a roadmap, and no budget is 100% perfect. The one we’ll provide you is very accurate, and is designed for fundraising, submitting for grants/workshops, and producing your film yourself.
You don’t need a budget unless you’re raising money for your film from serious investors, or applying for a grant or workshop, or pitching your project to a production company who’ve requested a budget as part of a proof-of-concept package.
Yep. Budgets are editable in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or any software that’s capable of editing Excel files.

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Sample Film Budget | Sample Single Episode Budget

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