Bulk Coverage for Contests and Festivals




Script contests and festivals in need of script reads – We’ve got you covered!

Screenplay Readers has been at the forefront of helping helping script contests, festivals, and workshops of all stripes for the better part of two decades. Whether it’s a small writers group competition, or a major film festival, or a massive screenwriting contest, we’ve been the go-to place for getting those big pesky stacks of entries read and scored, much to the delight of both contest personnel and writers who’ve sent in their work.

Our Bulk Coverage for Contests and Festivals consists of:

(1) Read of the screenplay
(1-2) Paragraphs of Comments
(1) 25-Category Analysis Grid
(1) Final Numerical Score

Click here for our sample scoresheet. If that’s not along the lines of what you need, let us know and we can work out a custom pricing and solution for you. Tweak our scoresheet, remove all of our branding, change our grid around, or even use your custom scoresheet.  

Our Bulk Contest/Festival Coverage Rates

10 – 30 scripts (10 scripts minimum) | $30 per script
31-50 scripts |  $27.00 per script
51-100 scripts |  $26.40 per script
100-150 scripts |  $25.50 per script
151+ scripts | $24.00 per script


Yes. But please email us first. If the amount of work our readers do for each script goes up due to the demands of your specific contest/festival and/or custom scoresheet, our rates will go up as well, and we’ll need to work out that rate before any work begins.

Absolutely. Let us know what you’d like and we can make minor cosmetic changes to our scoresheet, whether it’s to remove all of our logo and information, or just add yours.

Our bulk orders fit into our regular readers’ regular workload. As a result, we do not promise a 72-hour turnaround on your contest reads. If you have a specific time frame you need met, email us before you order to make sure we can do it.

Yes. Check or cashier’s check are fine, but we need to clear all funds before any work begins. 

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