Comments Only Script Coverage

Comments-Only Coverage


Save money by buying multiple Reads, and use them any time

Our Comments-Only Screenplay Coverage includes, from each of your readers: one comments/critique,  one 25-category Analysis Grid, and 3 Reader Follow-Up questions.  The only difference between Comments-Only Coverage and our Standard Coverage is that Comments-Only Coverage doesn’t include a synopsis and a logline.

Read Credits = The flexibility to turn in your scripts for coverage at your own pace

When you purchase our Comments-Only Coverage, you’ll receive between 1 and 20 of what we call “Read Credits.” Each Read Credit is good for one script read and a Comments-Only Coverage.  You can spend Read Credits immediately, or save them and spend them over time, at your own pace, for any script or any draft, by any writer. And your Read Credits don’t ever expire. You spend the Read Credits when sending us your script or draft. 

How Read Credits Work:

When you upload your script(s), you’ll be prompted to click a box to tell us how many of your remaining Read Credits you’d like to spend for that particular script at that particular time. Then we deduct the specified amount of Read Credits from your account and get your script assigned to your reader(s). Please note, we charge 2 Read Credits per read for any script over 120 pages.

Scripts from 0-120 pages count as 1 Read Credit
Scripts from 121-200 pages count as 2 Read Credits

This discount service is great for
  • Writers and producers who want to “cut to the chase” and get to the critique
  • Writers and producers looking for multiple opinions
  • Writers and producers honing a single script over multiple drafts
  • Getting notes on many different scripts at once
  • Agencies and studios looking to get through that big submission stack
  • Writers looking to team up and share expenses on getting feedback

Please note:
The more Read Credits you spend simultaneously (for example, 5 readers all at once or similar), the longer the turnaround time is likely to be. 

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