Deep-Dive Development Notes


Line-by-line critical analysis of your script

One of our expert script readers will go through your screenplay with a fine-toothed comb to provide you with an extensive critique of what’s working in your script and what’s not. From the big things (like major beats and plot points) to the little things (like lines of dialogue). Service includes:

  • 10+ Pages of Detailed, Line-By-Line Script Notes (~4,100 words)
  • Focused, specific notes on character, structure, plot, dialogue, and more.
  • Logline
  • Script Reader Scoresheet  (How your script scores in 22 specific areas, such as plot, conflict, character, etc.)
  • Free Reader Request (a $45 value) (Or you can just have us assign your reader at random.)
  • Bechdel Score
  • Diversity Score
  • (3) Follow-Up Questions with your Script Reader

Sample Deep-Dive Development Notes

If your script is over 120 pages, you’ll need to also include our Oversized Script Fee with your order.

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