Discount Pack


5 or 10 Notes-Only Coverage Read Credits

Save over 20% by buying credit for 5 or 10 Notes-Only Script Coverages in advance. Spend the credits whenever you want, for any draft of any script, over the next two years.

Your purchase includes credits for:

  • (5 or 10) sets of script notes (each consisting of 6-8 pages of detailed, actionable notes on your script)
  • (5 or 10) Script Reader Scoresheets (your script scored across 22 different categories such as plot, dialogue,etc.)
  • (5 or 10) Recommendations (Pass/Consider/Recommend)
  • (5 or 10) Bechdel Test Scores 
  • (5 or 10) Diversity Scores
  • (15 or 30) Script Reader Follow-Up Questions 
  • No synopsis or logline.

The Script Coverage 5- or 10-Pack is great for:

  • Writers and producers looking for multiple opinions
  • Writers and producers honing a single script over multiple drafts
  • Getting feedback on many different scripts at once
  • Agencies and studios looking to get through that big submission pile
  • Writers looking to team up and share expenses on getting feedback

How it works:

When you’re ready to spend one of your 5 (or 10) reads, just upload it or email it to us and we’ll deduct your read credit and get started.

Important: Because our readers’ rates increase periodically, your read credits for this package will expire two years after your purchase of this package, so be sure to use your credits within that two-year period. If you try to spend any of your read credits after that two years, we will still honor your credit, but we will need to bill you for any difference between the per-coverage rate you paid when buying this package and the per-coverage cost of what we pay our readers at that future date.

Maximum script length 120 pages. If any draft you send us is over 120 pages, we will ask you to trim it down before we read it or to purchase our Oversized Script Fee.

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