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123 helpful tactics and tips for navigating the film industry by Screenplay Readers founder Brian O’Malley

269-page downloadable e-book PDF
Nails the industry and the screenwriting craft. Agent Babz Bitela, Silver-Bitela Agency
The smartest how-to-guide on getting a film made I’ve ever read.Mike Holland, Indie Producer
…the most pragmatical screenplay advice that I’ve ever read trying to break into the industry. Alain Loubeau, Screenwriter

The e-book is jam-packed with helpful advice for filmmakers and writers looking to improve their chances and hone their craft. Here are the major sections and their chapters and topics.

26 Screenwriting Cheats To Get Your Script Read, Sold, and Made Into A Film

* How to “trick” an agency script reader into reading your script by becoming a master of the “Screenplay Sniff Test”
* How to get your script past the grunts and lackeys and read by the boss as quickly as possible
* How to make sure your script gets picked out of the stack for an agent or assistant’s “weekend read”
* How to give your script a simple Scene-By-Scene test to make it impossible for a reader to put down
* Why your script needs the ability to “infect” other readers so that it develops its own buzz around the office
* Why using more words in your script can flags you as an amateur
* How a few tweaks to your script’s formatting can prevent it from getting shredded immediately
* How some simple 1-minute creativity exercises can explode your script’s originality
* How writing in a genre you hate can help you sell a script
* How to use paid script coverage services to boost your script’s marketability
* How to tweak your script’s concept so that when people hear it they have to read your script
* Why it’s sometimes okay to let your ideas get stolen
* Why most scripts and most movies suck, and how easy it is to not suck
* Why giving your characters “needs” cranks up your script’s conflict and makes it more likable
* How to write a script which has only awesome scenes
* How to use group readings to make your script sizzle
* How to kill your inner fanboy to win over more readers with your script
* Why it pays to keep an eye what genres are hot in Hollywood, and when you shouldn’t care

22 Indie Producing Cheats To Help Raise Money For Your Independent Film and Get It Made

* Why hunting for experienced investors is a waste of time and will kill your film before it gets started
* How to save 25% of your budget by getting everything in writing, (and not just the financial stuff!)
* How to get investors to give you cash by getting them emotionally involved in your film
* How to write a simple contract for your investors that will make them want to give you funds
* How to raise money using a business plan, while never having to actually write one
* Why holding fundraisers makes you look unprofessional and can actually kill your film
* How to spend less time looking like a movie mogul and more time raising money
* Why net deals are bad in general, but can save your ass on small films
* How to hire a casting director and use their connections to cast a name actor in your film
* How to attract an established film industry “champion” to help get your film made
* Why product placement is a waste of time, and how it can make you and your film look stupid
* How to greenlight yourself and your film by applying the “Fragile Human Being Theory”
* How to cut your shooting budget in half by scheduling your film correctly
* How to avoid budget-killing errors while doing your script breakdown
* How to stay focused and save hours of headaches by only having “Smart Bomb Meetings”
* How locking the screenplay ASAP can boost crew morale and eliminate chaos and confusion
* Why some agents and managers will help you and some simply won’t, even if they like your script
* How to become a producing hero by picking your locations right
* The film-killing reasons you should never whip out cash on a film set

26 Socializing Tips To Explode Your Film Career By Building Your Network and Making Friends

* How to promote yourself simply by helping others
* Why working for free at a company is the best way to land a job and meet the right people
* How to convince your family support you while you look for film work
* How making money automatically on the internet can help your film career
* Why working a full time job is a surefire way to kill your film career before it even starts
* Why having talent isn’t a surefire ticket to success
* How to ditch your squeamishness about self-promotion
* How to build your own social circle which helps your career
* How to get super-specific about what you want out of your film career
* How to use your natural likability to put yourself a step ahead of the game
* How to work the party and meet the right people without really trying
* How being the go-to-guy for others leads you to bigger and better films
* How to spot phonies and psychos and boot them out of your life ASAP
* How to avoid being “That F*cking Industry Guy” or “Gal”
* Why short phone calls are the best tool you can use to get more people to call you back
* How to use Facebook to promote yourself, the CORRECT WAY

21 Indie Directing Cheats To Be A Swell Independent Film Director

* Why storyboarding is often not the best way to plan, and what to do about it
* Why film school is a waste of time and money for most people
* Why short films don’t help your directing career
* How making quick cheap feature films can give put you ahead of the game
* How to tell if you’re ready to start making feature films
* How starting a film club or collecting camera gear can kill your directing career
* How to not treat actors like props so they’ll give you their best performances and ideas
* Why giving actors “wants” sharpens characters and heightens conflict
* How to keep underprepared actors from killing your film
* Why being an obsessed cinephile doesn’t always translate to being a better director
* How to use the master-single-single shooting style to move quickly and cheaply
* How to keep your DP from taking control of your film
* How to keep a name actor from taking control of your film
* How to know when to “punt” when faced with no-win directorial situations
* How a director with a strong “vision” can wreck a film’s spontaneity and energy

10 Cheats to Get Your Film Into Film Festival

* How to know who’s choosing the movies at the festival
* How to know what film festival programmers love
* How to know what to fix on your film before submitting
* How knowing the who the film festival’s competitors are can help you
* Why you need to get your film in way before the deadline
* Why you need to forget about Sundance, mostly
* How to know whether or not your film is any good

18 Acting Cheats To Land More Roles And Automatically Win Academy Awards

* How to get the entire script before an audition and get an edge on actors who just have sides
* How you can land more roles by avoiding the three biggest mistakes actors make with their headshots
* Why sleeping with someone for a part isn’t always a bad thing
* Why using a professional headshot photographer can actually cost you auditions
* How you can land more roles by just acting like yourself
* Why printing more than one headshot is a waste of time and money
* How to get the perspective from the other side of the casting table at auditions
* How to make a custom, tailor-made headshot for every submission
* How to land parts by knowing what stereotypes they’re always looking for
* Why a great performance at an audition isn’t good enough
* How knowing who you’re auditioning for can give you the edge on other actors
* How working for a casting director can snatch you more roles
* Why stopping or saying “sorry” at an audition can make casting people not pick you
* How to stack the odds in your favor to get the part