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24-Hour Rush Fee

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When your coverage absolutely, positively, has to be back to you within 24 hours

If you’re in need of a 24-hour turnaround for your coverage, we can make it happen.

Your single script gets prioritized ahead of our other orders so we can get your coverage back to you within 24 hours of receiving your script.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Please make sure you email us during business hours (9AM – 5PM LOS ANGELES TIME) FIRST to make sure we can meet your deadline. Rush orders must be placed during business hours and only after you’ve emailed us and confirmed that we can meet your deadline.

Not available for Script Notes, Consulting, or Formatting / Proofreading. If you’d like to pay to rush one of your Read Credits, email us first before purchasing.

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I would sincerely like to commend your service. I consider myself an amateur writer with a strong sense of story concepts and having that second or third set of eyes on my work is vital to move the story forward with clarity. Your readers picked up on points missing from the protagonist, run-on narratives, too much or too little detail and provided suggestions on improvements that would tie the story together in a satisfying way. Even though you gave my story a pass, I was rather satisfied and shocked that it still rated with a very high analysis breakdown and that your readers were professional in that analysis pointing out the good points and the bad. Anyone that criticizes your service because you gave their script a PASS should think very carefully about a few things: most writers know the story in their head, but have a hard time putting it on paper in a way that is not cluttered and makes sense to other readers. All too often they find themselves in this world where the story they penned can have no wrong and become offended when objectivity is thrown at them. What they are not grasping is that your goal is to analyze the SCRIPT in its form and presentation giving it the best possible chance of being the one that touches a production company, making them feel as though they can't to let it slip from their fingers. Most seem to miss point that, yes movies are made all the time from poor stories and can become marketable. This doesn't mean that a multi-million dollar film is a solid story, as we have all seen few do, and us as amateurs are competing with some pretty heavy odds. My intention in writing this feedback is that people who are looking to sew up the holes, erroneous and irrelevant parts in the story will benefit from using this service tenfold and your service allows people to challenge themselves to pen that gem if they can stomach some real honesty. At the end of the day, it's all about story. If the blueprint is bad, then so is the product it generated.

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