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Script Consulting – Live 1-on-1 Consultation


Script consulting that provides a 1-on-1, top-to-bottom view of your script and how to improve it, with any of our analysts

1 Hour ($297) One read of any script or draft and one 1-hour live script consulting call with your script consultant (and MP3 audio recording of your call. )

3 Hours ($797) Three reads of any script or draft, and up to three 1-hour script consultations via telephone (or do all three hours at once, if your script analyst agrees.) (Plus MP3 recordings of all calls.)

Screenplay Readers’ script consulting approach isn’t rooted in fluff or overused Save The Cat tropes. We dig down to the fundamentals of your story, characters, concept, action, structure, and dialogue and help you see it all through an agent or producer’s eyes – a skill all professional screenwriters must have in order to compete.

Our screenplay consultant will get on the phone with you and drill down into whatever you’d like to focus on, whether it’s concept, dialogue, pacing, marketability, mechanics, or simply brainstorming better scenes.

When you order our script consulting service, you’ll select one of our script consultants from our Reader Roster page. Screenplay Readers will contact you to schedule your call, then we’ll have your script assigned to the script consultant of your choice (subject to yours and their availability).  You can spend each 60 minute call however you wish, focusing on whatever topics you feel are most important.

No. This script consultation does not include any sort of “access” or promise that we’ll pass your script on to any of Screenplay Readers’ contacts.
Yes. We work out a time and day that works for both you and our screenplay consultant.
Yes, if you work with Brian only. For all other script consultants, we’re only able to do the screenplay consultations via telephone at this time. Skype calls are audio only, and we can’t provide a recording.
Unfortunately, no.
You can break up the 3-hour script consultation into 3 different calls. Sorry, we don’t break up the 1-hour time slots.
No. You can schedule the reads and the calls whenever you like, or hold off on scheduling one, several, or all until you’re ready.
We ask that you keep your script below 120 pages, but it’s ultimately up to your analyst.
Yes email support at email above and request an invoice.
Yes. Work begins once all funds have cleared.

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