Script Coverage with 3 Readers

Script Coverage – 3 Readers

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Three script readers at once – the fastest way to find what needs to be improved

Our Standard Script Coverage, but with THREE (3) script readers reading your script and writing coverage instead of just one. Get 3 perspectives on your script at once, as the readers read independent from one another.

Includes one synopsis, one logline, but three total sets of comments (one from each of the 3 readers),  three different 25-category Analysis Grids, each scoring your script in 25 key categories, and 3 Reader Follow-Up questions with each of your three readers (a total of 9).

For scripts up to 120 pages maximum only.  We charge an additional $40 for scripts over 120 pages, with a maximum of 200 pages. Please make sure you select the proper page count in the box above. (Required page specifications: US letter 8.5″ x 11″ (21.5 cm by 27.9 cm) only, 12-point Courier-family font, 1″ margins on all sides, max 3.5″ wide dialogue blocks, 54 lines per page max (including white space lines)) 

Please note: Turnaround time for 3-Reader coverages can sometimes take a day or so longer than our regular 72-hours.

Sample Script Coverage 1 | Sample Script Coverage 2 | Sample Script Coverage 3

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I sent in an early draft and the suggestions are very helpful. It will assist me in targeting the areas I need to focus on in order to enhance the script. I believe it will be much stronger and more marketable when I am finished. It is always good to get an outside opinion when working so closely with a script. It would be great to resubmit it when I finish the next draft. Thanks again!

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