Script Feedback




Cut to the chase! Brief script feedback that just includes notes and suggestions. (No synopsis, logline, or follow-up questions)

Our Script Feedback service is our pared-down version of our Script Coverage service, and includes a read of your script by one script reader, plus:

  • (1) Logline  *
  • (1) Brief Synopsis of your script  *
  • (1) Feedback Section (detailed, actionable notes and suggestions on your script by 1-3 of our working screenwriters on staff)
  • (1) Analysis Grid  (How your script scores in 22 specific areas, such as plot, conflict, character, etc.)
  • (1) Recommendation (PASS/CONSIDER/RECOMMEND)
  • (1) Informal Bechdel Test Score
  • (3) Script Reader Follow-Up Questions  * (Ask your reader 3 follow-up questions after receiving their feedback on your script.)

* Not included in this service, but comes standard in our Script Coverage Service


If your script is over 120 pages, please make sure you order our Over 120 Pages in addition to this service. 


General turnaround time for our script coverage service is approximately 3 days.  If you need your coverage back within 24 hours, please consider adding our 24-Hr. Rush Service to your order.

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