Script Notes via Phone




Get live, detailed, comprehensive 1-on-1 feedback via telephone with the Screenplay Reader of your choice

1 Hour ($325) One read of any script or draft and one 1-hour live script feedback call with your script analyst.

Screenplay Readers’  Script Notes via Phone is a live session that takes you on deep dive into the fundamentals of your story, characters, concept, action, structure, and dialogue.  No fluff or vague advice from screenwriting books. Your script reader will work with you for a full hour, giving their thoughts and suggestions on how to make your script more sellable, by drilling down into whatever you’d like to focus on, whether it’s concept, dialogue, pacing, marketability, mechanics, or simply brainstorming better scenes.

When you order a Script Notes via Phone session, you’ll select one of our script readers from our Reader Roster page. Screenplay Readers will contact you to schedule your call, then we’ll have your script assigned to the script reader of your choice (subject to yours and their availability).  You can spend each 60 minute call however you wish, focusing on whatever topics you feel are most important.


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