Script Proofreading


Send us your script and we’ll markup any and all errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar — and any other spots where your syntax and/or presentation could use some work — and return the marked-up script file to you. We find and mark all the errors so that you can make the fixes.

Our script proofreading service marks up any typos in red ink

Scripts up to 120 pages only. Turnaround time is approximately 5 business days.

What this service includes: Proofreading and marking of all errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and screenplay format, delivery of the proofread and marked-up script file to you in PDF file format, or your original script file format.

What this service does not include: Notes on how to improve the script with regard to story, characters, etc., correction of the errors and/or retyping your script, translation to English.

Here’s an example of what your script PDF will look like when we return it to you (yours will not be blurred):

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