Script Proofreading




Our script proofreading service is second to none.

Send us your script and we’ll markup any and all errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar — and any other spots where your syntax and/or presentation could use some work — and return the marked-up script file to you so that you can make the necessary fixes. 

Your script must be in an editable file format, such as FadeIn Pro, Screenwriter, Final Draft, Microsoft Word, or any other editable file. If your script is over 120 pages, or if English is not your primary language, email us for a quote.

Depending on which of our staff members is proofreading your script, your markup may be in simple red “ink” in a PDF, or it may be bolded text, digital “stickie” notes, or highlighted text in the script file you send. 

Turnaround time is 5 business days. 

What this service includes:
Proofreading and marking up all errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and screenplay format

Delivering the proofread and marked-up script file to you in PDF file format, or your original script file format

What this service does not include:
* Providing suggestions for rewriting the script in any way,  whether it’s for clarity, brevity, or any other reason

* Correcting anything. We just mark it. It’s up to you to fix it.

* Marking language or dialect choices 

If you’re not sure if this service is what you need, feel free to drop us a line with a copy of the script and your question before you order.

Sample Script Proofreading Markup 1

Sample Markup 1

Sample Script Proofreading Markup 2

Sample Markup 2

Sample Script Proofreading Markup 3

Sample Markup 3

The blurring in the above samples is there to retain the privacy of the writer. The file we provide you will not contain blurred text.

Our guarantee for this service: If you find any errors we didn’t catch, we’ll correct them free of charge.