VIP Membership

VIP Membership

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If you’re planning on getting a good amount of feedback on your screenwriting over the next few months, or getting a draft or two ready for production, contests, or pitch festivals, join our VIP Membership and save 20% on everything you order, any time, unlimited. 

VIP Members receive:

* 20% off all of our services while you’re an active member
*  Priority Support
*  Producer and Writer level access to The Script Hub
*  Free Word versions of all your coverage
*  Free off-site vaulting of all your work (Optional)
*  (1) free file conversion per month 
*  Use the service for up to (2) author names

Memberships do not automatically rebill when your membership is over.

How to Order:

Buy your VIP membership. Then click on the Login icon at the top right of your screen to either login or register a new account. If you already have a regular Screenplay Readers account, we’ll bump it up to VIP and you can log in and enjoy the special VIP members-only prices. Either way, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up your new VIP login and password. Or we can do it for you.

[su_spoiler title=”Frequently Asked Questions” icon=”caret”]

Q: If I add the membership to my cart, and then add a coverage service to my cart, will I get the 20% off in that one order? 

A: No. You have to order the membership by itself first. After you checkout, we’ll immediately send you your personalized member code. You can then immediately use that code to order whatever coverage service you like. 

Q: How do I use my discount?

A: Whenever you log in to Screenplay Readers, you’ll be shown our members-only discount pricing instead of our regular pricing.

Q: Can my co-writer or family member use my membership?

A: Yep. Each membership is good for two author names. That is, you can use your discount on scripts with your name on them, OR with a friend or co-writer’s name on them. (Or whomever you like, actually.)

Q: How do I receive my free file conversion each month? 

A: Just drop us an email with the file you’d like converted and tell us what you’d like it converted to.

Q: Does file conversion include retyping, proofreading, or formatting of any kind?

A: No. Just file conversion. We’ll put your script into whatever file format you’d like, but it’s up to you to take it from there if it needs any formatting fixes.

Q: When does my include vaulting plan expire?

A: All membership levels’ vaulting plans expire 10 years after your membership ends. Lifetime members retain their vaulting plans indefinitely.  All vaulting plans include unlimited storage, but for documents only; (Final Draft, FadeIn, Highland, Word files and the like. No video files, audio, graphics, etc.)

Q: Will I be rebilled automatically when my membership ends?

A: No. But we may add that option in the future and you’ll have to choose to enable it.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”By joining the VIP Membership, you agree to the following terms:” icon=”caret”]

VIP Membership Agreement and Terms of Use

1. Because of the level of discount being offered for all VIP Members, no refunds of the membership fee will be possible at any time, for any reason.

2. File conversions, vaulting, Word versions, and all other perks of membership will accumulate as credits. You can save them up and use them at any time before your term expires, but not at any time after.

3. Screenplay Readers respects your privacy and permits you to control the treatment of your personal information. No dissemination of your personal information or work to any third parties will take place. [/su_spoiler]