• 06/17


    After much deliberation, and due to overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to let our screenwriter clients choose their own reader when ordering our coverage service, for a fee.

    We used to offer this service for free, but you wouldn’t believe the headaches it caused.

    Writer A would submit a script. Reader A would read it and provide coverage, addressing the bigger problems with the script.

    Then Writer A would receive the coverage, go make fixes to her script, and then submit the coverage again a few days later, requesting Reader A to read it and cover it again.

    Reader A would read the new draft of the script, and 9 times out of 10 would return the coverage, addressing the same big problems with the script that the writer failed to fix.

    Yet, the Writer would get angry because the Reader didn’t catch all the tiny, insignificant changes the Writer made, such as a change to a character’s name or description here, or a slug line there.

    We vowed we would not provide the same script to the same reader ever again, as it caused far more headache for us than it helped the Writers.

    But as a paid option, the Choose Your Own Reader service at $19.97 should offset many of those headaches, as it theoretically will cut down on the amount of Writers’ requests for re-reads by specific readers, since only those Writers who are serious enough to pay for the service will be making those requests.

    If it turns out to not be the case, you can bet we’ll be discontinuing the service.

    Happy writing! Brian



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