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Script reader jobs open up from time to time here at Screenplay Readers, as we occasionally add new script analysts to our team.

Respectfully, we do not work with interns or entry-level analysts. We ask that our reader applicants have several years’ experience reading and analyzing screenplays. We apologize if that sounds harsh, but unlike the countless array of fly-by-night script services, we’re extremely selective about who we entrust with our clients’ literary material.

To be considered, please email two samples of your previous coverage / script notes / screenplay development work and your current résumé or CV to: jobs@REMOVE THIS TEXT

Before submitting, please know that you’ll be asked to be available for a bare minimum of one script per week and be willing to blend your writing style and voice with our rigorous standards.

This is what we’re looking for in the materials you submit:

1) Proof that you’re a critical thinker who understands not only the creative art of screenwriting and filmmaking, but the mechanics of a screenplay (dialogue, conflict, plot, pacing, character, etc.), as well as script formatting (punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.).

2) Proof that you understand the film industry enough to be able to strategically assess a spec script’s chances and/or where/how/if it fits in the current market.

3) Proof that you are able to compose story and script analysis that is objective, constructive, and nuanced.

4) Proof that your English language skills are absolutely impeccable.

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