How screenwriters can write more and write faster

Out of the 500 or so friends and family I have in my life, approximately 498 of them are screenwriters. And of those 498, exactly one of them actually writes screenplays.  The rest just want to.  Real hard.  Yet they don’t, because they  let everything else become more important, more distracting. Wait! SQUIRREL! Me on the other hand, … Read more

How screenwriting at Starbucks can completely ruin your life

Screenwriting at Starbucks can be great. Free wi-fi, a nice jazzy environment with woody overtones, baristas unionizing, etc. And there really are a ton of screenwriters who love working in Starbucks (or Peet’s or Coffee Bean or similar). On their laptops.  But frankly, I have no idea how they can do it. Me, I need peace, quiet, … Read more

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