Happy Customers

Here’s a few hundred rave reviews from some of the screenwriters, producers, and filmmakers we’ve helped over our 25 years reading scripts:

“Hi Brian. Thought you’d be happy to know that my sci-fi thriller has made it to the FINALS of the Nicholl Fellowship! You guys gave me some terrific notes and a Consider. Just thought you’d like to know this!” — April Rouyverol

“Your reader was simply terrific. I don’t just say this because they gave me a CONSIDER. (The same reader passed on my last screenplay) but because they’re extremely thorough. They clearly read the entire script, looked for subplots and subtext, and recognized themes, set ups, and key pieces of dialogue. I have used many readers in the past not only for my work, but for screenplays submitted to my production company for consideration, and I find Screenplay Readers’ script notes to be a notch above the pack.” — Richard Botto, Rockets Red Glare & Stage 32

“I found all three versions of coverage you sent us very useful, especially this last one. Honestly, waiting for this last coverage you just sent was well worth it. The reader nailed their points and offered very viable solutions, which is something coverage doesn’t always do. It’s easy to tear down but much more difficult to both critique and help a writer see some ways out of current issues in a way that is at once blunt, clear and constructive. It is in all respects exactly what was needed, reminding me of the project’s merits that are sometimes easy to forget in the notes process and in some cases reminding me of weaknesses I had seen marginally and not really focused in on but that are now much clearer. Please pass on kudos to all three readers but to this last reader especially, as I found this last batch of notes, synopsis and even log line to be the most creative and insightful I have yet received on this project. (and yours was not the only company I’ve tried my hand at coverage with.) You obviously have some creative filmmakers in their own right working with you. In all, the value I received from your three readers far surpasses value for other coverage I’ve received and I’m grateful I was pointed to your site.” — Lance Mungia, Writer-director of The Crow: Wicked Prayer and Six-String Samurai

“I’ve been working on this screenplay for the past sixteen months and through several revisions I began to get a little lost in the details. Your coverage’s brief synopsis section does a wonderful job of presenting the overall narrative in a comprehensible way to show the writer how it’s viewed objectively and left me feeling more confident about the work I’ve done. Through these several revisions I’ve grown more comfortable with the choices I’ve made as a writer, but the suggestions AZ made regarding my protagonist and essential aspects of his journey presented a choice I’d not considered and believe it to be powerful if executed properly. I really value everything I’ve received from my reader and wish I had follow-up questions, but AZ was thorough and straight to the point with their analysis, that there’s no need for follow-up.” — Matthew Hand, Screenwriter of Let There Be Light

“I thank you again for your useful criticism. It’s helpful to me to have professional comments on work that I’ve slaved over. Fluffy encouragement from services who just want to puff up a writer’s ego in order to keep them as a client are useless. I appreciate your honest and valuable reviews and will continue to seek your guidance.” — G. Galletta, Screenwriter of The Trials of Vlasta Burian

“Overall experience was excellent and professional. The ideas that the analyst gave allowed me to explore those options and help the story grow. Any input the analyst gave me was from a place of love. I will continue to tweak the story to add more tension which is what I feared was a problem. Good to know I am on the right track. It’s always nice to have feedback and I thank you for doing so. It has helped me a lot in moving forward with the story. Thank you.” — Ryan Hartley, Screenwriter of The Long Mile

“This was my second time working with Screenplay Readers and I can’t praise the service enough. My analyst was efficient and detailed with his feedback. And the feedback is direct and constructive, which is exactly what I need. I’m sure I can improve my script much further from here on. Highly recommended. :)” — Heath Chio Yen Sen, Screenwriter of Hunt

“Tremendous feedback. I didn’t expect the coverage Screenplay Readers provided for me. Very thorough. Will definitely submit again!” — Lane Fortenberry, Screenwriter of Laura

“You brought up some great points that I did not see, but once pointed out I saw them right away. This is my first time using a script coverage service and I was not disappointed. Great service.” — Erin Fair, Screenwriter of Hatred – A Love Story

“I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Screenplay Readers and TZ’s coverage of my script, Nina. I received my coverage in a timely manner and the comments and suggestions were insightful. They filled my brain with more possibilities for improving my story and characters. This is precisely the fresh set of eyes I needed to help me polish my script and ultimately allow me to delve back into it with renewed vigor. Thanks for the tough love, much appreciated! I will be calling on Screenplay Readers again for my other screenplays.” — Michael Catangay, Screenwriter of Nina

“I am grateful for the detailed care and information provided by both readers. Truly worth the investment.” — Joey Lanai, Sleepwalk

“It was my first experience with Screenplay Readers, and may I say it was a great experience! The feedback from my analyst TZ was very insightful and detailed. The response from subsequent questions was prompt and useful too. And it is just great to understand how my script fared from a professional writer’s perspective so I can improve as a writer. I’ll definitely recommend this service and use it again myself.” — Heath Chio Yen Sen, Hunt

“I’ve used you guys for YEARS and you’re always great — well done. Your readers are awesome. I have never done one of these thingies before, but wanted to send a shout out to SR. I don’t think they have ever reviewed a script of mine before (I could be wrong because I’ve sent in SO many scripts) but these notes were so specific — even page notes — that they were beyond helpful. I think he really understood what I was going for and had great notes to enhance the piece. The notes have been easy to implement and are some serious icing on the cake. So a big thanks to SR!” — P. Kay, Blue Death

“I want to to thank you guys for a very satisfying analysis of my screenplay. I felt the reader judged the screenplay fairly, laid out constructive criticism that not only revealed the holes in the story but provided insightful suggestions as to what might work. The reader WS showed considerable knowledge of script breakdown and character development. I was also impressed with his understanding of the theme of the script and the importance of the dialogue between the characters. Thank you for helping me to better my script, and I will definitely use you guys again.” — D.K. Middlebrook, Just Like King

“Great notes and encouragement! I believe the improvements in the score speak to the great notes Juliet gave me in her last read, and I’m pleased she’s seen the progress.” — Jes Karen Sugrue, Broken Glass, Failure To Commit

“Second time using your services and really glad I made the choice! The comments are insightful and incredibly helpful and I definitely will be using Screenplay Readers coverage services again. It’s worth every penny.” — Thais Duarte, F.E.M.M.E.

“This was my first experience in receiving U.S. Studio-style script coverage, and it was a very positive one. My reader, DL2, did an excellent job in summarizing the script through the logline and synopsis. Her comments, both regarding what worked and what wasn’t, were pretty spot on, and I was impressed by the incisiveness of the comments. She also offered very good suggestions of how I might be able to tweak aspects of the story. I feel encouraged to embark on the next draft of the script, which is what you ultimately want after receiving feedback. Apart from the quality of the notes, the turnaround was super fast and for the price, I’d be happy to use your service again and recommend to others. Hopefully the next time is just as good!” — Max Conroy, Primal Scream

“Great job from the first script to this one. It’s interesting that the reader dealt with the larger issues in the first few reviews and tightened up her scrutiny as the script improved. The more the script improved the deeper she dug. Very nice work and I certainly will use JMc for the next couple of scripts in the works.” — Ron Kelly, Collapse

“This coverage service is very nice in that it gets back to you comparatively quickly and it is less expensive than many of the other coverage services out there. Seeing the scores for the different components is interesting and it’s a very good way to learn how to improve your writing.” — Kevin Steele, Art Renegade

“BH was great. He really connected with my script and championed the story wholeheartedly in his coverage. And his notes have helped me write an ‘incredible’ screenplay. Much thanks!” — Nwachukwu Nwanesi, The Incredible Mr. Anini

“The readers offered very insightful comments and criticisms when reading my script which allowed me to view my script from a different light, a professional one. Being new to this, I wanted a sample of what real industry professionals would say and I say I got that in spades. I can surely take from the advice that was given and make my script even better. Thank you guys!” — Mark Snelling, The Order Sanctus Pilot

“I think it’s a bit easier to give feedback when you get a pretty good analysis of your story. This is the first time I’ve used a professional script coverage service and it took so long because I only wanted to use the service once I felt I had written something worthy to get to a level for professional critiquing. The next step for me is to submit to festivals and I hoped an analysis will prepare me for this. Reading my scripts analysis really focused me on what to go back and tweak. Obviously the plus points were good to see and were a confidence booster, but the negatives found were excellent. Instead of getting a broad idea, I feel the analyst pinpointed an area that can be worked on. After taking some time to think through the feedback I received, I was very clear what I wanted to change. I must point out the analyst didn’t come off as telling me how to make the script better, but made a constructive case for how to make it better. I found this more helpful. I’ll also note that the three follow-up questions I had were a great extra to get, to make sure I had the right idea about the analysis. To be able to get this before entering festivals was really worth it and thank you very much for not just the detail, but speed of delivery. I’ll probably end up using this analysis as a guide on how to improve my own written coverage of scripts. I’ll be using the service again no doubt, right now though I’m going to check out the Script Hub. Thank very much again to TZ and Screenplay Readers.” — Kevin Ryan, Count Dracula – Freedom From Fandom

“I was very impressed with your reader’s smart notes and respectful, professional presentation.” — Kevin Linnehan, Trouble in Paradise

“If you want to become a better screenwriter, Screenplay Readers, is THE place. I was extremely impressed with their service. It is invaluable to have skilled readers provide a fresh set of eyes, and to see problems in your story that you might not have thought about. Their recommendations and advice are priceless!” — Bob Eichleberg, Just Three Sundays

“This exceeded my expectations by a country mile. I’ve paid other script consultants offering similar services on the net and this is by far, the best value. It was delivered in record time. The logline and synopsis were excellent. Also, the criticism was fair and thorough and I have much to improve on.” — Rob McCormack, Vigilman: The Dark Wave

“Any new screenwriter takes a risk when he/she pays for a script to be reviewed and critiqued: ‘Am I going to get intense feedback and helpful criticism that shows me the reader took the time to digest and care about my vision, or am I going to get ‘cut-and paste’ feedback about lack of character development, themes and momentum?’ Well, Screenplay Readers shocked me (in a great, refreshing way) with amazing, insightful perspectives on my screenplay that showed they really took the time to understand what I was trying to do — and make it better. To say that I was impressed is an understatement – I took a leap of faith and Screenplay Readers went above and beyond the call of duty.” — Jonathan C. Dailey, At the Mount of Greylock

“My script has been through numerous stages of development and feedback, and I submitted my pilot for feedback with Screenplay Readers just to see if it was as ready as everyone was telling me. I received a RECOMMEND, which is fantastic, but that isn’t the best part. I cannot tell you how spot on my reader’s comments were. They, of course, told me things I have heard before, but there were two notes that this person made that no one else has picked up on and that will be incredibly beneficial moving forward. And one of those notes was crucial to getting this script packaged with the right people. You have a reader with a great eye! Thank you so much!” — Dawn Fields Wise, Father Gate City

“This is what I needed! Reasonably priced, excellent quality review of my work. For what you get for your money, this is actually a steal. Just remember, I got a PASS and am still saying this. You can tell the analyst read the entire script and hit the good and the bad in my script. I really appreciate the kind words on the places I got it right, but definitely will use some of the suggestions provided in the weaker elements of my script. I’ve had others read my work, but you just can’t always get the quality of review that Screenplay Readers give. Now I know why some of the produced writers I know use this service. Will I use them in the future? Hell yes. Will I be able to get my writing up to the level that’s needed? With their help, maybe ! Thanks!” — Jeff Langham, Father Forgive Me – Past Sins

“Good honest feedback that has helped me a lot. It helped me cut a further four pages of my script that was just bogging it down.” — Andrew Whitehead, Control Theory

“No one around me could really tell me if I had a shot at screenwriting, because they have no idea. Having my first Short Script (ever) read by an analyst was a very interesting experience. I felt like I put in the work and took the test, I just needed a grade. My analyst (TZ) noticed the small details, the details I was so nervous would be overlooked. She didn’t tell me what to change, but offered thoughtful suggestions, as to what I could change to make the story better. All in all it felt very nice to have strong notes to work from, and to have a goal to work towards like that 1%.” — Joshua Pabon, Words in Every Step

“Well, OK, I got a pass. Better a pass from a reader here than a pass from a major studio executive!!! From the comments, it is clear I have a lot of work to do on the script. I am very very grateful to the reader, as s/he provided insightful and very detailed comments and criticism, which I will hopefully use to improve the script. I will definitely use your services again!!!” — Ronald Gans, Sean Shaugnessy

“Three drafts and 5 readers later the script is stronger than it was and nearly there. Thanks for all the thoughtful work!” — Chris Bancel, The Black Cat

“I am extremely grateful for the coverage your readers provided. I sent the script in knowing it wasn’t ready (it was only the first draft and written in seven days), but I was at a point where I didn’t know how to proceed further, and considering where I live, it is VERY difficult to find professional and objective readers. The team at Screenplay Readers provided EXACTLY what I needed! Their coverage told me what was good, things needing work, and most importantly, how to possibly improve them. I’m now ready and confident to take my script to the next level! Many thanks!” — Ryan Pfeiffer, Lady Killers: The Brass Comet

“Reader was very direct and effective in their analyzing of my script. More importantly the recommendations were constructive, concise and organized in order for me to apply going forward.” — Jay William Stephen, Bricks and Ivy

“Not only have I found your review helpful, I really enjoyed reading it.” — Thomas N. The Hoopla

“I am so pleased I discovered Screenplay Readers. The standard of service is the best I’ve come across. The quality of feedback is simply excellent and very helpful indeed.” — Tony Scotchmer, Tiger Burning

“Thank you for sending the coverage of my script from Screenplay Readers! Your readers’ critique and comments are most appreciated! I found their coverage to be – professional, polite, clear, concise, focused and fair. As this is my first screenplay, having received such important feedback, I definitely gain from their industry knowledge and writer’s perspective. The script coverage has given me lots of ideas to work with, and has renewed inspiration in my soul. I will likely be asking those questions at a later date, after there’s been time to absorb the helpful suggestions. Thank you Kaci! Thank you Readers! …and Thank you Screenplay Readers!” — Dave Kwan, Monsters at Work

“Very helpful. I reworked the screenplay taking into account many of the comments and insights. I’d like to submit it again to see how successful I’ve been in shoring up the weaker points. I think it would be interesting to have a different analyst’s comments but perhaps you recommend it be read by DL2 again. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.” — Rose DeGiacomo, All The Light We Cannot See

“This is simply what I needed to improve my script. Very valuable and really helpful coverage.” — Bharadwaj Dayala, One

“It’s an invaluable experience as screenwriter to receive coverage from an experienced reader. The clear, concise feedback chunks things down for me to get a better look on how to improve my story whilst keeping my vision in mind. I have repeatedly used your wonderful service and continue to do so, as I believe I have improved along the way.” — Stephen Degenaro, Raging Jake

“I’d like to thank you for this coverage. It was incredibly constructive and efficient, and completely worth the money. TZ offered at first the points that worked, which was very encouraging, and then went over what was wrong. Most importantly was detailed how to fix things. It was incredibly motivating and I’m already working on fixing it. I will definitely use this service again and recommend it for others. Thank you so much!” — Reagan Werner, 22 Steps

“Thanks so much for the feedback. I sent in an early draft and the suggestions are very helpful. It will assist me in targeting the areas I need to focus on in order to enhance the script. I believe it will be much stronger and more marketable when I am finished. It is always good to get an outside opinion when working so closely with a script. It would be great to resubmit it when I finish the next draft. Thanks again!” — Cindy Seiler, Out of Control

“I know that the analyst was pretty hard on my script, but I know that it was for my benefit. After I rewrite my script I will send it in for another go around with another analyst to see if it scores higher the second time around.” — Mitchell Whitaker, The Duel

“The notes your readers provided were insightful and were exactly what I was looking for moving forward into a second draft of my script. Although one gave it a consider rating (yay), the other was not as convinced and gave it a pass. Regardless, the latter had some overlap comments/areas that needed improving which I will use in conjunction with the notes from the reader who was more responsive to the material. I was expecting two passes and was elated to get a consider out of the gate… this enthusiasm has really lit a spark at the keyboard to keep going. I sent it in hoping to confirm areas I thought could use improving and both sniffed them out right away. And their insight on possible changes and character issues are immensely helpful. Would highly recommend your services.” — Barbara McDonough, The Reclusive Mr. Finch

“The readers got to the heart of my story and reflected back sound advice to help push it forward.”

Stuart Wright, Dead Soul Music

“The analysis was right on target and I could tell the reader had thoroughly reviewed my script. The report included many helpful suggestions and was very encouraging. I was impressed with the quick turn-around. It’s great to find a company that lives up to its promises.” — Loy Myers, Towtally Yours

“I feel they did a great job and gave me a couple of important things to look at that should help me with not only this script, but with my writing in general.” — Jeff Gress, Living A Lie

“I’ve been using Screenplay Readers for seven or eight years now, and have had many scripts read by them. Knowing nothing when I started writing, and I mean nothing, with their help I feel I’ve come a long way.” — Chad Smith, From A Kids Point of View

“I’m glad I used Screenplay Readers for coverage. Both readers were very through it their analysis of the screenplay. While the subject matter may have perhaps resonated more with one reader than the other, there was a clear intersection on what needed to be improved.” — E. O’Sullivan, The Cure

“Your service is so wonderful. For those of us who are dabbling in screen writing rather than full force putting ourselves in it, constructive criticism is mandatory. Here in Los Angeles if I had a nickel for everyone who had a crappy script they thought was incredible… well, I’m sure you agree. In any case your readers did such a fantastic job. I know I have an interesting idea, however I really wasn’t confident about the structure, dialogue and all of it really, so their very specific critique helped me see the areas of improvement. My script was definitely a PASS, meaning I was certain it was not up to par however, I wasn’t really sure what direction to go in the process of doing a second draft and they totally steered me in the right direction. I wish you all continued success, and I will definitely use you again in the future!” — N. Jones, Walk A Mile

“Feedback was honest and suggestions for changes were great. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m excited about my screenplay again and how the changes will benefit the story I want to tell. Cheers!” — Rainie Ovenden, One Last Hurrah

“I want to thank the reader who did the coverage for Red Raven (TV Pilot). This coverage hit the mark on every area and will be invaluable to me moving the script forward to new heights. If they were local, I’d buy him/her a cake :)” — Nineveh Shadrach, Red Raven

“Thanks for the feedback. It provided some new insight, and ways of further developing the story and characters that I couldn’t manage to think up before, but was nevertheless very definitely searching for. The only thing I actually disagreed with was that my grammar, spelling and punctuation sucked (the dreaded PASS)… but OK, FINE, I’ll take it! I can take it. It was quite helpful, I would say, even if a little painful for the first few minutes. It gave me some new inspiration, and was fairly decent at validating the good points in my script (though the analyst could’ve included a couple more good points regarding it, or if there were only one or two good points to even comment on in the first place, at least further emphasized them to keep it encouraging. In my experience, the scales can easily be tipped to discouraging in the arts, which is not what anyone participating in this field wants. I understand that obviously you want to mainly be effective with your feedback – what’s the point, otherwise? – but a little more genuine validation on the [admittedly maybe few] good points would have been good. BUT… it was still fairly constructive, which was appreciated.) . Anyways, I wrote it when I was 17, so it’ll definitely be good now to take a fresh look at it a few years later, and with some good tips under my belt. Thanks again for the feedback.” — C.B. Elias, Friendly Fire

“Wow! Very insightful, substantive professional analysis. Though I failed miserably, I’m not giving up. Your readers have given me much direction and I will heed their words. I’ll be back to you with another draft. Please convey more appreciation to all the readers.” — Anthony Fedele, The Man With The White Cane

“The evaluation was extremely helpful and did exactly what I was hoping for: highlighting the problems I wasn’t aware of and giving me new ideas on how to improve it. I don’t know who DL2 is, but he or she did a very good job. Thank you.” — Erez Genish, The Midnight Dance

“Your feedback for Unpromised is very, very helpful. Thank you for the speedy response. I now have a very clear idea of which protagonist I should focus on for driving the story forward.” — Jason Chan, Unpromised

“I just wanted to thank you and your reader for doing such a fine job reviewing my script. I can’t tell you how valuable it is for a self-taught screenwriter to have the type of feedback you deliver. After the initial bummed feeling of getting a PASS, I took my time to break down all the little issues and discovered a fundamental flaw with my other stories as well. It’s very helpful and I’d recommend you to anyone even seasoned vets that just want an extra set of eyes because sometimes we writers are too close to the material. Thanks again and best wishes.” — Ryan Clark, Heaven Help Me… Or Not

“The coverage was extremely helpful and done in a very prompt manner. You guys delivered everything you promised and the notes were truly invaluable. I will definitely use your service again in the near future and recommend it to anyone I know who needs coverage. Thanks again.” — Sean-Anthony Ashman, CTRL

“It is an incredible feeling to find out specifically what works and what doesn’t from informed eyes. I would not have had the courage to continue without the assessment I received, as it is practically invaluable to hear that yes, the formatting is correct, yes it actually reads like a movie. Thank you so much for your service, you’ve earned a repeat customer.” — Scott Selden, Let It Bleed

“Greatly appreciate the reviewer’s feedback on stuff that did not work, and ideas on how to fix it. It was right on the money! It appears that the reader is a pro … can’t thank him/her enough.” — Kalpana, Rejection Sustained

“When I first got the feedback I was kind of bummed out – but then I read it, I really read it and everything TZ said was true – and TZ said some very nice things too and good suggestions. It hit me – First, I really have the potential for a great story and TZ’s helped me see that. Second, I really have to put the time in and not be lazy – come up with really inventive plot twists and turns. I think your reader gave me very accurate feedback, has given me a new perspective and we’ll see where it goes. So – tell them thanks for me and I hope to use you again with a much better version in the future!” — J R Fisgus MD, The Right Thing

“Brian – Your readers are fantastic and highlighted elements of our script that we are too close to and therefore, unable to see clearly. Thank you so much. I hope to submit again with suggested improvements. You offer such a valuable service. Thank you for these intelligent, constructive commentaries.” — Andrea Morris, Baby Blue

“Brian, I had also been meaning to send a thank you email. Notes I received from your company helped me place in a top-tier competition and land representation. So, thank you!” — Jeffrey Storms, Buscone

“The coverage provided offered a detailed overview of what works, what doesn’t and ideas for improvement. I was apprehensive about getting coverage at first, but you guys proved what a helpful and inspiring tool professional script coverage could be. Thank you!” — Nick Barbera, Summer of Glory

“Overall pleased with read and comments. Reader did read script and we are pleased with her response. She came back with issues we knew we had and raised questions that we overlooked due to being too close’ to the project. We also ascertained what elements the reader pick up on and ones that were missed.” — Anthony D. Tried & True

“I knew getting coverage would pinpoint the areas I needed to strengthen to make it contest ready. Once I have made these changes, I am going to resubmit for another read with the same reader. Screenplay Readers is THE best coverage for all my scripts.” — Debra Johnson, Purpensula

“As usual, I’m very pleased with the quality of the coverage at SR. The readers notes have given me a lot to work with as I continue to improve the quality of this script and then SELL IT! I’ll probably re-submit one more time for a fresh, and hopefully final, read. Thanks again!” — Aaron Goldberg, Screenwriter

“Excellent help, Lynn. I know what to do next. You revealed (a) what I was unaware of doing, and (b) what I couldn’t articulate how I knew it needed to change. Now, I’ll commence staring again, at the page, until my forehead bleeds. Thanks.” — Tim Gehling, Untitled Western

“Thank you very much for the promptness and professionalism demonstrated by your readers. While I wish the feedback that I received was more positive, the issues with my script that they raised were most definitely helpful and valuable for my future revisions. Thanks again.” — Brick Andrews, The Five Chapters of Max

“Excellent concise coverage of the script and the reader highlighted a couple of things that I knew were not quite right and it was nice to get these confirmed. The reader also put forward a suggestion in regards to the project of taking it down another avenue and it makes sense. I’ve taken everything on board that was highlighted and really appreciate the constructive comments. I’m impressed enough that I’ll be sending another script within the next 48 hrs. Once again. Thanks.” — Jim Duncanson, Chase The Roses

“I’ve read the comments and will consider them in my rewrites for a more streamlined story. … You’ve given me room to grow and improve and it is appreciated.” — Johnny H. Moore, Elvis Has Left The Building

“Thanks for the coverage. I found it excellent. Succinct and to the point.” — Paul Streitz, Shakespeare In Italy

“Feedback is beyond helpful. Wow on the quick turnaround! I’m already into re-write. An independent, objective review is valuable. I’m tired of in-laws and friends in table reads. They are clueless. Hats off to Analyst TZ.” — Wayne Page, Barnstorm

“I’ve submitted two different treatments from two different films I’m working on. In both cases they were read by the same two readers. The feedback has been very helpful and valuable as I try to find holes and plug them. I think both readers did a fine job both synopsizing the scripts and giving valuable feedback. I think the numbers are pretty harsh, but that’s what I would expect from someone at an agency or studio. Before I send to agencies or producers I want to make sure that flaws in logic have been corrected and both the readers pointed these out. For me, with two screenplays I’m working on simultaneously, their comments also helped me see which script I should try to market first. I am super impressed by the quick turnaround time which I need right now, since I’m a tight time frame (my only time to write is summer. I’m very impressed with the service I’ve received and plan to keep using you guys as I try to make these scripts more marketable. Thanks!” — Clark Sayre, Lead

“Prompt turnaround – incisive comments which served to reinforce my own suspicions about the script – especially in terms of structure and characters. It is often difficult to attain the required objectivity when you’ve spent so much time on a script. You may have a suspicion that something doesn’t quite work, but you really do need someone with industry background to read and comment in a totally objective manner. I’ll be taking on all of the suggestions provided. I’ll have to kill a lot of my babies – but if it makes for a stronger script, so be it. Thanks to the reader. Even though it is only one person’s considered opinion, I am pretty sure other readers would come up with the same comments. I’ll be using your services again with the rewrite.” — PJ Dawson, Lucy Human

“I’m very satisfied with your services. If anything, your services have saved me from potential embarrassment, seeing that this was my first attempt at a screenplay. Nonetheless, and as discouraging as I thought this service would be, I find the quality of your offering rather empowering, so thank you.” — Cristian Rodriguez, Bunker

“The feedback has been and will be very helpful. I look forward to working with you guys again.” — Anthony Mbuagaw, CONsequences

“This was absolutely brilliant. Please thank my readers for me. Their insights are invaluable. I will definitely be using your services again.” — Mary Andonian, The Sound of Rain

“Really wonderful coverage. You have a great service, very helpful for the screenwriter who goes blind’ after too many drafts. I’ll keep you posted, and reply with a blurb if the coming draft makes progress out there in the real world.” — Wilson Peak, Mourning on the Aegean Odyssey

“This is the third set of notes I’ve received on this particular piece and I’m again blown away at the amount of detail and objectivity provided by the analyst. This has been such an exciting and enlightening journey and has totally quashed the pre-conceived notion of apathetic script readers in my mind. Screenwriting can be very daunting and isolating, especially for the newcomers. To have a professional, objective, and direct voice has saved me from the real pain of putting out a pre-mature project and getting my you know what’ handed back to me. Thanks again to the analysts who’ve gone above and beyond. Thank you for your blunt honesty that you somehow manage to deliver with great courtesy. That’s the thing that will bring me back in the future. The anonymity helps us all keep ego out of the equation and just get to the meat of the project.” — Jeffrey McKelvin, Resources

“A most excellent experience for a novice, equal to hours in a classroom, at least for me since I had invested so much time in creating the script and was not satisfied with it. Adapted from a book in collaboration with the author I made the mistake of following the true crime writing of the book … Thanks, it was worth the money.” — Bob Hofmaster, Wanton

“I really appreciate the feedback from your company. Honest and insightful. This is the first time my scripts have been read outside close friends and family. I really looked into the key points that were pointed out to me for improvement. Thank you so much for this pleasurable experience.” — Reveleno T. Bamberry, A Sons Shoulders & Proving Proverbs

“Given this is my first screenplay, your comments and helpful suggestions were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.” — Steve Holder, All The News

“Hi Brian. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know a screenplay I sent you all for coverage around a year back, Gravity’s Pull, was recently selected as a Top 10 finalist in the Francis Ford Coppola & American Zoetrope 2013 Screenplay Contest. The tough and fair criticism from your reader helped me pinpoint the weaknesses and improve the script.” — Robert Sivigny, Gravity’s Pull

“I would sincerely like to commend your service. I consider myself an amateur writer with a strong sense of story concepts and having that second or third set of eyes on my work is vital to move the story forward with clarity. Your readers picked up on points missing from the protagonist, run-on narratives, too much or too little detail and provided suggestions on improvements that would tie the story together in a satisfying way. Even though you gave my story a pass, I was rather satisfied and shocked that it still rated with a very high analysis breakdown and that your readers were professional in that analysis pointing out the good points and the bad.”” — Kristian McKenna, The Extraction

“I was very impressed by the care the reader had taken in reading and analysing my script. They explained very clearly what worked for them and what didn’t, what was clear, what was mysterious, and what was confusing, what could benefit from further development, and how characters came across on the page. It was even very useful to note the few things the reader didn’t get – since I’m sure if such a careful reader didn’t get them, the cinema audience wouldn’t either. I’m sure my script will improve a lot when I’ve addressed the shortcomings identified. Many thanks.” — Julian Mountfield, Death and The Maiden

“You guys rock. My family member wrote a stageplay. She’s had criticism from others. It is a work-in-progress and is, perhaps, more about being a work-in-progress than it is about ever evolving to a finished product. Or, at least, it’s fair to say the criticism is what mattered and not soliciting feedback toward nailing a meeting at Paramount. We had three readers offer feedback. I know what coverage is, and my concern was that we’d get normal studio screenplay coverage. Instead all three readers understood the nature of the submission and adjusted accordingly. The exercise was one of providing constructive, actionable criticism to a newbie writer…and that’s precisely what you guys did. … Thanks, Brian. We’ll be back, and I look forward to sending your way other writers seeking criticism.” — Sam Korman, Representative of Untitled Stage Play

“I was looking for an assessment of what parts of the script needed the most work, and this is exactly what I got, which makes very very happy indeed! The reader understood exactly what I was trying to do with the story, and has pointed out very clearly what the greatest weaknesses are (all of which I agree with based on his/her comments) and has made some very useful suggestions (all of which I agree with, except possibly for one, but even that one has given me food for thought). I am very pleased with the comments – I now have a very clear idea about what I need to improve on the next draft. Thank you!” — John Penny, Compassion-Response

“Hi Brian. Just wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with coverage I received (and this is from someone who got passes across the board, so it’s not about my getting glowing reviews). Honestly, you never know what to expect with coverage agencies, and I chose your service (the 3 Reader Basic Package) based on the cost vs. multiple readers and depth of coverage. Didn’t know if I would be getting milquetoast pats on the back, speed readers that missed key points, or coverage trying to boost word count with fluff or lazy observations. As I say, I was highly pleased by the quality of coverage from all three readers and their sharp, smart observations. Great work everybody, and thanks again!” — Ryan James, Dagoberts Dream

“Clear, concise, respectful and most important, didn’t pull any punches. I don’t need nicey-nice, I need honest and fair, and this was both. Thank you.” — Kristjan Nigge, Marys Relaxing Massage for Stressed Executives

“Brian, I just wanted to thank you for your professional coverage and your quick turnaround. It is exactly what we needed.” — TJ White at T-Minus Productions, Trucker

“This has been a great experience for me. The 3 reader feedback was varied enough to allow me to see what was working and what wasn’t. I shared the consider rating with a producer that is now reading my TV Pilot today as a result of the things said. Thank you for all the intelligent suggestions given by your fine group of professionals.” — John McCabe, Believe TV Pilot

“Hi Brian – Thank you so much for that coverage. I felt so lost working and working on this alone. Now I finally have someone who confronted my work. Thank you so much again. It will certainly help me. Best regards.” — Diane Goulet, A Real Super Man: The Christopher Reeve Story

“Hi Brian. Thanks so much for the coverage! It was extremely helpful, and incredibly thorough! I also can’t believe how quickly you turned this around! It was the first time I’ve used your service, and I will certainly use it again. Many thanks! Lyse'” — Lyse Beck, The Seduction

“Hi Brian – Your service deserves a Recommend. Thought I might be sending script too early to evaluate, but I’m really glad I did because each writer had 100% on-target notes to drive the next draft. Please express my gratitude to all three. Will be back with pages for them, if available, in February, and will expand to other writers then. Best, Chris'” — Chris Fox Gilson, Second Amendment

“As always, I was very pleased with the latest critique of my script. The reader, as have all past readers, demonstrated a thorough understanding of my story and characters. I’ve used your service 8 or 9 times so far and always found the comments very helpful when preparing for my next draft.” — Sam Buttari, The Have Nots

“Brian and team, just wanted to thank you all so, so much for providing a fantastic service. Great coverage, very helpful indeed, spot on with everything and thanks to you all, I have now got the script to a big name director for consideration. A million thanks to all of you for helping me pull the script in to a high level. I get asked all the time who is good at giving coverage, I think we all know who’s name and website I will be giving out. Merry Christmas to you and the team Brian and a very happy, successful and healthy New Year. Cheers, Shell'” — Shelly Hatton, Dirt Cheap

“I was very impressed with the speed, quality and honesty of the coverage. It was similar in quality to coverage I have received from services in the UK, but arrived much more quickly and cost much less. I will definitely use your service again.” — Julian Mountfield, Who Cares

“Hi Brian – When I sent you my 150 page script, THE MUSTARD PLANT, on Saturday and received the report on Monday morning, I expected a superficial review at best. I was pleased to find the reader gave the script a careful and considered review. The report was spot on. It confirmed some nagging thoughts and concerns that I already had and identified some of my blind spots. Thanks for your prompt and excellent service!” — Robert Cartland, The Mustard Plant

“Thanks so much- coverage looks brilliant, and just what we were hoping to get. Had a rough and really needed hard and insightful breakdown to get it to the next level.” — Charles Vuolo, When A Sparrow Falls

“Wow, thank you for the quick and thorough coverage of my two screenplays, Pretties on the Prowl and Fatal Forgiveness. I have read/reviewed both coverage sheets and some very good points are made to better the scripts. I will use this feedback as I do rewrites to enhance my screenplays. By the way, I am extremely happy with both loglines that the reader put together. Thank you again for your help in assisting me with polishing up my scripts.” — Nancy Mangano, Screenwriter

“I just wanted to thank Screenplay Readers for all the help they have given me for the two coverages I have got from you. Because of your first one, I have reached the finals in the Terror Film Festival in Philly, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival in, you guessed it, Rhode Island. Your feedback gave me a chance to revise my screenplay and make this happen. You now have a permanent customer and every time I write a screenplay, you will see it first. Again, thanks for everything.” — John Bias, Heir to the Throne

“Hi Brian. I just read all three reports, and please extend my thanks to Lynn as well when I tell you that this was all very good and SO much more helpful to me than what I received from the reader at (another company). These reports all went very in depth in their consideration of the characters, and the plot points that move the story forward. They gave me some very valuable, and meaningful, criticisms that I can actually USE to make the telling of this story better. And that, my friend, is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find – hooray! I feel like my money was very well spent and not at all wasted. What a nice feeling! And I sincerely appreciate all of the readersê encouragement in telling me that this story ultimately is marketable. I was very disheartened by being told by (the other company) that this would not likely sell. I really enjoyed the fact that, though acknowledging it needs work first, in your readers I found at least three other people who get it and see the potential that I did in this story. Many thanks…” — Stacy Langton, Ariel

“Hello Brian – please thank my three readers on my behalf. I’ve spent the past three days extremely excited for the three pass ratings I was waiting for, and boy did I get them. This was my first experience with a complete stranger reading my work, and I approached it as an opportunity to learn and grow in my writing. Obviously, I’m going to have to. Your readers did a fantastic job of seeing all the problems I was blind to because of my excitement for the story. This is the only way you can get better: being judged, being pushed, and generally not resting on any imagined successes. My success with this script was imagined, and of course it was painful to make that realization. It was like a bucket of ice water being thrown in my face. But after about 30 minutes, I got excited again. Your readers helped me towards the story I really wish to tell and the script this story deserves- and they’re making me a better writer. There’s really no price you can put on that. So please thank the readers, and thank you for your service. I will be back.” — Conor Hennelly, Once

“Hi Brian. Very helpful, thank you. Great food for thought. I’ll be chewing it over the next few days before getting back into a rewrite. Till next time…Cheers!” — Elvis Joseph, The Ball and The Cross

“I was fortunate enough to have my TV pilot script finish 3rd in TVWriter.com’s contest. You and your company are a big reason why it placed. I thought I had a good idea for a show, but didn’t know the strength of the script or where to go to get a real critique. I turned to your service not knowing what to expect. Your reader shined lights on the multitude of problems in it. They slapped around my writing quite a bit, but it was needed. … Looking back at the draft I provided you all, it’s kind of embarrassing. … You all gave me the direction and challenge I needed. I wouldn’t have gotten there without you all. Again, thanks!” — Ed Beach, Bobby Botelli GM

“Hi Brian. Thanks so much for the invaluable analysis and the super fast turnaround! Unfortunately for me, I think your comments were all spot on. I better get started on that next rewrite! Cheers!” — Dean Melink, Shotgun Wedding

“Wow! Great coverage. That was WAY more than I was expecting. Thank you so much. It’s going to take a lot of work to fix it, but now I have a much better idea of what is wrong and what the movie industry might be looking for. … The items that you mentioned were things that I would never have thought of, nor would any of the tough reviewers (non-professional writer friends) that I used to get the script this far. I will never again think that a script is ready to go until I get professional reviews done and I have four other scripts that WERE nearing the end of the non-professional review stage. I now have to go back to all four of those scripts and address the types of issues that you have enlightened me on.” — Michael Sercu, Battle Cries of the Forgotten

“Thank you Brian, the coverage was excellent. Very in-depth, and although they ripped me pretty good on some things their insights were very illuminating. They nailed what’s not working and gave me everything I need for my rewrite. Money well spent.” — Lee Gipson, Tarwater

“Brian – A quick note to let you know how pleased I was with your service. Suffice it to say, I feel I well got my money’s worth, specifically in terms of what both readers felt needed attention. I am certain that integrating changes based on these observations will improve the piece significantly. Best, David.” — David McDonald, Little Girl Found

“Brian – Wow, I can’t thank you guys enough for the excellent coverage! This is exactly what was needed to help me progress with this particular script, which has been very tricky to pin down from the start. I know you all know the sensation of stumbling around in the dark on some draft or another. Thanks for switching on the lights! I’ll be sure to recommend your services to my peers. Cheers.” — Eric Neal, Ayana

“Hey Brian – Absolutely brilliant. You have very talented colleagues. I occasionally referee for two scientific publications and it takes weeks and weeks for me navigate an article and provide commentary. It’s amazing to me that your coverage pros are able to so precisely untangle a story like the one I submitted and provide such lucid and rich analysis and advice so expeditiously. I’ll mentally percolate the coverages and perhaps attempt a re-work in the future. In any case, I certainly know now where to go for future help. A tip of my hat to you and your crew. Thank you. Cheers!” — Dave Zes, Sunshine

“Hi Brian – I just wanted to thank you and the reader for doing a great job. I received a pass, but the insight and suggestions were invaluable. You might think about raising your prices, but please don’t. Thanks again. I couldn’t be more pleased with your service. Best wishes.” — Kevin Cooley, Eyes On

“This coverage is brilliant. Brian, I truly appreciate the insights, the attention to detail and the spot-on notes… even the synopsis is the best I have ever read. Many, many thanks!” — Julia Quinn, The Last Days of Pompeii Musical

“Brutal, gut wrenching and devastating, earth shattering and ego emasculating. BUT fantastic all the same! The truth often hurts, but the readers were right on every score and have given clear reasoning for their critique. I will take it away and comb through their comments and make the changes. I think the next version of my script will address all their concerns. Their comments and suggested fixes sound terrific, I also appreciated their quick turnaround so keep up the good work.” — Andrew Thomson, The Alchemist

“I am delighted with the feedback I have received for THE CURTAIN. I am an (at present) amateur with no screenwriting training, and to have been told that basically, while it needs work, it is not a load of garbage, has left me with a smile on my face. Many thanks, and I will happily recommend you in future. Kind regards.” — Neil Jeffery, The Curtain

“As always, the feedback I got from Screenplay Readers regarding my script Formerly Fingerman was thorough, thoughtful and helpful. And I’m not just saying that in the throes of a recommend’-induced mania. You do great work at surprisingly reasonable prices and I really appreciate it. Thanks!” — Joe Nelms, Formerly Fingerman

“When I received your email with the attached coverage of my potential script I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about opening it. After all, you do say you and your team don’t pull punches and give brutally honest appraisals, so I was half expecting to see my story ripped to shreds and immolated before my very eyes. But to my great surprise and pleasure what I found was a tremendously detailed and thoughtful review that was both honest and encouraging. The synopsis showed a deep and considered reading and that the reader DL’ definitely understood all the elements of the script. In fact, it came across that the reader genuinely enjoyed reading it, and the best praise I can give is that I feel that DL’ wholeheartedly wanted to make the script as good as could be. The advice on ways to improve the flow of the story and ways to elicit stronger emotions from the audience were spot on – by seeing my story through new eyes I can see how developing stronger motivations for my characters will improve the story immensely. DL2’s suggestions have triggered off sparks of inspiration about new directions which make me love my story even more than before. Ideas that previously I hadn’t considered have made my characters more interesting and relatable and I’ve already excitedly incorporated many of the new elements into a rewrite. Simply put, DL2’s coverage has made my script considerably better – and for that I would like to pass on my thanks. I’m excited about submitting to you again – I am about to upload a sequel to my previous script and I’ll eagerly look forward to DL’s insightful comments and advice.” — Richard Elliot Barnes, A Plan Less Likely

“Well this is the second version of my script I’ve submitted here and obviously the first submission helped a lot as I went from a PASS to a CONSIDER which gave me a great feeling of satisfaction that my hard work is paying off. I did feel the reader missed a couple of things but once again this could be due to me not writing clearly enough which is probably the reason. The negative points raised in the coverage are helpful and I’ll be doing a little more tweaking before I market my script but I can’t thank you guys enough for the coverage because it’s been worth every cent. I’ll be back again for sure.” — Matthew Corry, The Lonely

“Thank you so much for the extremely fast and helpful service! The coverage is great, it really invoked some new ideas for the rewrite. Great job!” — Christopher Pendergraft, Eden Burning

“Thank you for the quick response. It was interesting to read the professional comments on my first script. I expected a lot of comments on it, and indeed I got it. The comments are clear and I agree with them. A good learning experience.” — Marco Pieper, Monster

“Hi Brian – Just wanted to give some feedback . At first, when I got the script coverage, I did what most probably do. Curse the reader, claim they don’t know what they are talking about, etc. But after sleeping on it, I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was say, Okay, so maaaaaaaybe they have a few valid points. After a cup of coffee, it all made a whole lot of sense. Just wanted to say, thank you for the insightful notes and for telling me things I didn’t want to admit were wrong. Awesome service!” — Dawn Wise, The Poem

“Thank you for the detailed coverage of my screenplay! I was at a point in my revisions where I just didn’t know what needed fixing, and your reader hit the bull’s-eye! I will use your service for all of my work in the future.” — Alan Wood, Rapid Transit

“Tough analysis. Critical, insightful, helpful. Just what we needed.” — Chenal Media, Untitled

“I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with MG2’s analysis of my script. This was without a doubt one of the most thoughtful critiques I’ve ever read and has prompted me to really work out all the kinks in the upcoming draft. Whoever this guy or gal reader is MG2 makes your service look aces. I will be requesting this specific reader in the future soon.” — Alain Loubeau, The Vicious Cycle

“Thanks for your brutal honesty with regards to my script. Luckily the agent whom I sent the coverage to isn’t giving up on me yet. … I’m going to do everything humanly possible to rectify the errors you pointed out to me, and due to your professional approach to a newbie such as myself, I’m going to make use of your services again for coverage on my rewrite. Once again, thank you.” — Alec Zeelie, Power-Hunger

“Hi Brian – I just want to say thanks for the coverage. It definitively told me what I needed to refine that I kinda already suspected. I got a lot of bad advice on how to write it. It also gave me some clear and concise points to focus on. (Clarity has been my lifelong enemy that plagues all aspects of my life.) It was also a lot more positive than I expected. The repeated brutally honest on your website was intimidating and I expected to be shot dead in the water and subsequently forced to change my career path. I will definitely be returning to your services when I’ve polished my script. Danke!” — Marvin Arangorin, The Restless Warrior

“Thank you for the thorough, well written coverage and fast turnaround. Nice to have smart notes and an analyst who actually reads the whole script.” — Ham Mitchell, Game On

“Thank you! I’ve found your service incredibly helpful. I consider it money well-spent. Ironically, the notes I received were far more positive than I was expecting, given some of the harsher reviews of the service, but I am encouraged by that. The readers all obviously spent a lot of time going through what is admittedly a complex screenplay. They grasped all the points and themes I was attempting to convey, which I’d consider both a testament to my writing ability and to their attention to detail. The critiques I received are incredibly enlightening, and I think a few more passes over the screenplay should give me the kind of results producers and actors will be looking for. All in all, it has been both informative and encouraging!” — John Broadhead, Disengaged

“This is my second time using Screenplay Readers and I’m even more pleased now than I was the first time around. Not only because of their prompt and professional response, but also because it really shows in my own writing. Their feedback has a terse constructive quality to it that doesn’t beat around the bush and focuses precisely on what needs to be done to immediately improve one’s script. Thank you Screenplay Readers, I’ll be back :)” — Radu Huciu, Redstart

“I want to thank you and the staff at Screenplay Readers for this comprehensive and accurate critique of my work. I feel the money I paid for this was well spent. The rewrites and research begins today. Thank you guys, I really appreciate this.” — Albert J. Johnson, Cold Street

“Like many other aspiring screenwriters, I scoured the internet trying to find the right set of eyes to send my screenplay to. I saw a few of Brian’s videos and heard him on a podcast. I figured someone who was putting their face out there so much and promoting his brand would definitely have to walk the walk. I was right. In a nutshell, great coverage. I ordered the two person coverage, received fantastic work from both. One gave it to me clean and simple. The other went a little above and beyond. The comments were consistent, to the point and professional. I couldn’t be happier with the service. 100% trustworthy. 100% great communication. And insane turn around time.” — Bob Calabritto, Spreading Evan

“Wow! This is a great analysis. Thanks very much. After a certain point of writing, I am unable to see what works, what doesn’t, and what should be re-done. I had no idea about what is confusing or ineffective. This is a great piece of coverage The reader really read the script, understood it, analyzed it, summarized it, and helped me with what to do next. So I’m really happy with what you just did, in a short turnaround time.” — Dan Lounberg, Lucky Lady

“Extremely good notes and great service. Thank you!” — Sid Jacksier, Skip Europe

“Thanks for the feedback! You pretty much nailed most of what I was trying to do (save for the sugar boiler scene – no intention to make that humorous). Most of your concerns were similar to ones I had so good to get a second confirmation of that. ……Thanks again. Great feedback.” — Alessandro Desantis, The Seed

“I used many coverage services before, but IMHO you are simply the best in this business. Even the struggling writers from the opposite side of the globe (Russia) think that the Screenplay Readers are the best!” — Ivan Pestrikov, The Man Who Ruined Atlantis

“Thanks so much, Brian. Really glad I found your service! Extremely helpful feedback from your two readers. I have my work cut out for me, but at least now I have a better sense of direction. Love your service! Love your prices! Will be using your service again! Hopefully, with a better draft. Mad props, sir!” — John Covarrubias, Driver

“This feedback is amazing. Especially given the response time. This is my first screenplay and has helped me focus the story for the rewrite. I will definitely utilize your services for all my future screenplays. Thanks!” — Lawrence Williamson, At All Costs

“I wanted to thank you for the notes. They were clear and right to to the point. They’ve helped confirm some notions I’ve had about the story and I have already begun working on the revisions. Thanks again.” — Joe Borriello, Sodachee Comes To Earth

“Thanks Brian. Not only did this provide a useful critique of the script, it also offered some great suggestions on how to take it forward. For what it’s worth, I wish I knew about Screenplay Readers when I left film school school ten years ago. (I studied screenwriting at UCLA as part of a broader film degree at University of Kent, UK). I think every writer gets to a point of their development where independent, impartial feedback is vital to their artistic progression. Screenplay Readers provides that feedback with intelligence, insight and a tangiable desire to help.” — Daniel Silman, Body Swap

“Thank you so much! Those are great notes! Seriously. I knew there was something missing and you totally nailed it. I’m so excited to do a re-write. Thx again!” — Rich Ronat, Natural Born Dummies

“It’s going to take me days to wade through the info in the report. This is exactly the type of coverage I was looking for. It identified several areas of improvement that other readers have missed or not found noteworthy. It even received a Recommend from one service that cost 3 times what you’re charging!” — Gordon Rogerson, Blood & Roses and owner of The-Greenlight.com

“Thank you! Great notes, I’m working on the story to try to fix many of the issues you have mentioned. Nice to have someone call out the same issues that I thought the script had, just let’s me know that they really do need to be changed and it’s not me just being hard on myself. I also think there were some concepts that you missed, which makes me believe that I didn’t present them properly. Anyway, on to draft 2! Thanks!” — Keith Murphy, Of Players and Pawns

“BIG THANKS! I wrote this to 88 pages knowing that more was needed but was not quite sure what. I will now be able to trim, tie and weave these characters into a better product. Again, big thanks. Well worth the time and money. Regards, Vince'” — Vincent Edghill, Pleased to Meet You

“Thanks so much for the coverage. I’ve been struggling to figure out what does not feel quite right about the way my screenplay is put together. Excited to redraw this thing with your guys’ comments incorporated. They make a ton of sense to me. And not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I have paid people so much more than $59 to review my pages and basically got back formatting corrections and their opinion on how they would make a joke funnier. At this point I would have paid you guys $59 to just not do that. But not only did you not do that. You actually read the script and broke it down and made useful observations about what does and doesn’t work and why. Much thanks. Will definitely be back and will definitely recommend.” — Ted Hannon, The Irish Patient

“Hi Brian – Thanks a lot for the wonderful coverage. Yes, friends do say that the script is wonderful because they see us slogging it out and all, and hence, never look at it objectively. Which you guys have done, and have given me the right pointers. I think I know where and how to take it from here. Soon, the revised draft shall be ready for your review again.” — Sagar Haveli, A Ben Evans Film

“Just wanted to let you and your reader know how grateful I’m for the script notes. You guys did an amazing job and I’ll be referring you to all my filmmaker friends. Many Thanks.” — Guy Birtwhistle, Demons Love London

“Brian – Thank you so much to you and your team for the quick return on this script notes order (no kidding, right? less than 24hrs). The analysis is direct, concise, and very helpful!” — Warren Shiller, Shift

“Brian: I want to thank BK for the excellent evaluation. I have written five scripts and have had many reviewed. They all cost a lot more than $59 and most were not as specific. I have a romantic comedy that I will be sending you soon! Thanks for a great service!” — Robert Styler, Walk On Water

“Hi Brian – Thank you very much for providing this coverage, it’s very thoughtful and extremely useful to myself and the writer at this stage in the process. Your reader quickly identified the themes we are aiming to explore in the piece and also highlighted the key narrative issues as well as suggesting areas of unexplored potential. All great! The cost effectiveness and speed of your service makes it extremely useful and I look forward to sending other scripts to you for coverage. All the best.” — Dean Francis, In The Blood

“Your feedback not only highlighted key issues that needed to be fixed, but also helped me understand WHY they needed to be fixed and HOW I could fix them, thus empowering me to bring my script to the next level. Thanks so much and really looking forward to sending you more stuff in the future (which I will, no bullsh*t). You guys are really great, I got my money’s worth in a timely and professional manner…and then some.” — Radu Huciu, Borderland

“Although I was disappointed with the pass rating, the reader gave me some notes to help me make my screenplay better. I have some thinking to do about how to go about the changes. Overall, I think he may have liked my screenplay. He liked my tease, my characters and some of the scenes. I was impressed in how quickly I received my coverage. I was expecting it around Friday, but received it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m extremely impressed and I will come back to you for my future coverage needs. Thank you, you guys rock!” — Ronald Boyd, Project Omega

“I’ve shopped around and screenplay readers is the fastest, most courteous, cost effective coverage company yet. I was offered clear and professional guidance and assessment with prompt customer service. I HIGHLY recommend their services.” — Joletta Hardman, To Make This Land Our Own

“Brian – Thanks very much for such a speedy response, and really helpful coverage.” — Chris Hutchins, Producer, Ashenglow Entertainment Ltd

“Thank you Brian for the script notes. They were on target, informative and very helpful.” — Craig Hollenbeck, Dying To Be Free

“Brian, I want to thank you for the great coverage suggestions. They have really improved my scripts. An agent commented on how much my writing had improved. She saw the original draft and the latest revision draft of Weekend Dad. I’m going to go through my scripts one by one with your service until they are market ready.” — Barbara Jackson, Weekend Dad

“Hi Brian, thanks for the coverage! Believe it or not, every doubt I had about the script was in the reader’s coverage. Very helpful!” — Derek Rushlow, Star Struck

“Thanks Brian. Very helpful. Gives me the ammunition to turn this rough draft into a decent (hopefully) first draft. The turnaround time is SO helpful. Great service.” — Ricki Holmes, Pawns of War and Nicholl Quarter-Finalist

“Brian, Thank you so much! Your readers are WONDERFUL and know their stuff! This process is so subjective and although one reader did not agree with two others on an important part, it prepares me for the subjectivity of the industry. I have a lot of work ahead of me with the next rewrite but I am excited to have such valuable direction!” — Randa Johnson, Meek

“All your readers provided excellent suggestions and I want to thank them for their comments. I can’t imagine how many scripts they have to read and then provide coverage in such a short period of time. But it is obvious they thoroughly read the script and understood the story I was trying to tell. The coverages will certainly help me tighten up the script and I appreciate their talent.” — William Johnston, Requited

“Excellent coverage. It was beyond helpful. Thank you.” — David Glick, Catskill Project

“Thanks a lot. These three are all very well articulated. I look forward to using you guys for more reads in the future. This is an early draft which we already had a plan on how to improve, but the coverage definitely hit on issues we hadn’t considered yet. Great work.” — Jonathan Pezza, A Brotherhood of Chivalry

“To Brian of Screenplay Readers: I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fast turnaround on the script notes I ordered. I actually find it quite it quite remarkable. Incredible even. In the past, when I have ordered from other companies, the turnaround has been almost a month in some cases, which makes your usual 72 hour turnaround impressive, but I think the turnaround in this instance was just over 12 hours. 12 hours. Incredible. I placed the order a few hours before retiring for the night, and had received the coverage when I checked my emails in the morning – it’s like I literally ordered, went to bed, woke up with coverage. At first it made me doubt the quality of the coverage, assuming the reader had rushed through it, but on closer inspection the reader clearly followed the script closely, picking up every minor spelling error and addressing all the issues with the story, providing your typical high standard of coverage. Bravo. I have been consistently impressed by this company in the past, and now you’ve raised the bar.” — Andrew Jellis, Kira

“Hi Brian! Thank you for the screenplay notes. I was impressed how accurate the reading of the screenplay was given the quick turnaround. It was good to read the notes. The comments were quite in line with the other feedback I had received from the few peers and professionals who read the script. I think getting coverage is a good tool to devise your rewrite/marketing strategy. Good to know that there is an affordable, professional and reliable service out there.” — Pedram Dahl, Enemies of The Human Heart

“Thank you for the quick turnaround and great suggestions. You guys and gals rock so hard!” — Justin Smith, Untitled Castle Spec

“The script notes are excellent and exactly what we needed. Thanks for the great service!” — Andrew Eckblad, The Method

“I am going to rework my script to make it more interesting and work on the development of the characters. I really, truly appreciate the honest read, feedback, and the script notes in general. It will be a tremendous help to my writing process.” — Tye Green, PreDestined

“I don’t where to begin. Thanks so much! The feedback was the perfect blend of things that I need to work on and reinforcement of what works. I could not have been happier and it is much appreciated!” — Dylan Brod, Bounty

“Thank you for this incredible service! And please send your three readers my thanks. Each review was helpful. I know how time consuming these critiques can be and I appreciate the effort.” — Dawn Marie Guernsey, The Basement

“Thanks to AG and your screenplay service team. Your script notes were brutally frank and correct and actionable. I was disappointed in my efforts, but very encouraged by the roadmap provided in your analysis. You have confirmed my ambition to continue to write screenplays, and to manage the transition from playwrighting to screenwriting. You have provided very specific and detailed opportunities on how to rewrite and fix the screenplay, so at least there is a chance for it to be considered, assuming I can demonstrate the craft and creative skills you have challenged me to consider. Also, you have provided a screenplay 101 on many aspects of the craft of screenwriting that either escaped me or I did not effectively understand. I certainly will use your services again, and am impressed by the quick turn around and the wealth of information you provided.” — Richard Nannariello, Catching Carp

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“THANK YOU!!!!!! This is my very first screenplay and I am proud of that accomplishment. Whew! The comments were very direct and to the point and that is what I like. How else would I know what to improve on? 🙂 Now, back to the writing board and I look forward utilizing more of your services soon.” — Veetra King, Corrupted Hearts

“Hi Brian. Thanks so much for the spot-on and speedy screenplay coverage! Your recommendations will guide us through our next rewrite.” — David Sheppard and Margie Baker, Hip Flop

“Brian – I read through the coverage and found it very insightful. You guys did a great job of shedding light on certain aspects of the script. The wheels are turning in my head and I can’t wait to take the script to the next level. I will definitely consider using your service in the future and will recommend it to friends. Have a great weekend!” — Rolando Vinas, Looking For Libra

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“Thanks to EA, PP and CE for their concise comments and suggestions. This will really help me pinpoint the weak and strong points in the script and to know what to do to fix it. Thanks so much!” — Dave Beaty and Bill Davis, Dancing On The Mother Road

“Thanks for the excellent report. Clear, concise and critically constructive. I’m certain I’ll be using Screenplay Readers a lot.” — Joseph Williamson, Eden

“Just wanted to say thanks for the very quick turnaround. Please pass along my thanks to TZ for a spot-on analysis.” — Bill Stephens, Non Official Cover

“Dear Brian – Please thank whoever analyst FK3 is for me. They really made me see things I was oblivious to and which friends either didn’t or wouldn’t point out in the script. I wish I had submitted this to you when I had the first draft written as opposed to after I took on board notes that made things even more convoluted. These notes really opened my eyes to problems within the script and (I hope) will help me fix them when I pick up the project again. In the meantime I am going to shift gears from writing the script for another project and work up a treatment for it to send you folks to review. If I can nip these problems in the bud I will be able to write a more produce-able piece from the get go. Thank you again!” — Michael Winter, The Key

“Nice. A day earlier than expected. I really enjoyed reading the coverage of PP for my script, Dirty Pueblo. It was concise and some of the suggestions were dead on. I look forward to continuing this productive relationship once I work on it. Thank you.” — Djon Sende, Dirty Pueblo

“Hi Brian/Screenplay Readers – Your comments regarding my script were very insightful and helpful! It was very apparent that you read it in it’s entirety & I’m very appreciative. I’ll get busy on my millionth’ re-write contrary to your PC-thoughts that it was an early draft – smile! Thank you for your quick turn-around. See you atthe movies!” — Cheryl Mitchell Wade, At Your Own Risk

“I just had three readers read my script. Thanks for your help. What a great service you guys provide. I had some really good feed back. All three readers found the same problems. This means they were problems:)!!! Thanks again for your service. I will be using you again for sure!!!!” — Neil Vanscoy, Soul: Battle in Purgatory

“I’ve paid three times as much for name coverage that wasn’t half as legit or useful. Instead of just giving you guys a generic thumbs-up, let me tell you exactly why I consider this coverage excellent: a. It’s obvious from the length and detail of the near-treatment-length synopsis that the analyst actually read the whole script. b. I can tell where every single problem is, based strictly upon the gap between my intention and the reader’s apprehension. There was no evidence of the reader conflating their personal narrative taste, or genre bias, with my supposed lack of craft (e.g. I hate supernatural thrillers = This writer sucks). d. The reader caught one particular typo that I would have NEVER caught, because actually, it wasn’t a typo. It was grammatical ignorance. Which means the reader might be smarter than me. e. The reader not only read the script, but typed up a 6-page, no-fluff document about the script, in 2 days. I presume you are aware that the turnaround in your business ranges anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks. f. The notes agree with mine. I did my own pseudo-objective coverage to see how my critical impressions matched with others. g. The reader was frank without being insulting.” — Steve Burks, The Invisible War

“Thank you Brian. That was fantastic coverage. All of your notes were spot on. And thank you for doing it so quickly.” — Anthony Lucero, East Side Sushi

“Thanks for the prompt response. You raise a lot of valid points. Back to the drawing board!” — Michael Milne, The Loneliest Road

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“Excellent reader! You really took the time to look at it closely. You have given me some ideas for rewriting. I just hope I have the ability to do so effectively. This is my first shot at a script.” — Dan Sanders, Wolf Hunters

“Thank you for providing coverage on my screenplay. I must admit that it was 100% brutally honest like you state. Still, I’m glad I ordered it because I’ve learned from it that my writing isn’t Zeus and knowing where my problems are now, I can fix them.” — Maurice Vaughan, Load

“Thank you so much for reading the screenplay! I am on it like white on rice – doing everything you said. Funny how when I write it, I understand ALL the back story and motivations.” — Karen Kevorkian, Trophy Wife Dot Con

“Thanks for the great coverage! Yep, this poor little script needs a good rewrite, that’s for sure. But thanks to the comments, I have already started to sketch out the second draft revisions. once again, thanks for the great work!” — Chris Okey, Of Heroes and Their Lovers

“Thank you very much for your feedback. It arrived promptly (within 48 hours) and demonstrated a thorough understanding of the script that I wrote. Your comments are helpful. I had some of the same concerns as the ones you mentioned, only I wasn’t sure to what degree or even if they were a problem. You clarified my thinking on these. In short, I highly recommend your service and I would use it again. You have helped to make my script better.” — Scott McKinstry, Friended

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“Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time! Even though I received a pass (ughhh) I was actually pleased with what the reader touched upon. Every place I had questioned myself was brought to light. I started re working the script ten minutes after reading the comments. I have to say that I have never felt more encouraged because the feedback was extremely positive and upbeat. Thanks to (reader) EW. I will be resubmitting the corrections as soon as I have worked this all out.” — Tracey Noonan, LT

“Thanks once again for your great coverage of my recently submitted script, The Rendering. Simply put – you guys provide an incredible service! I submitted the first script I wrote to your site earlier this year for coverage. The coverage and hard hitting, honest script notes I received from Screenplay Readers were dead on’ and provided me what was needed to conduct rewrites that strengthened the work such that the script finished in the top 20 of over 2,000 script submissions in the 2009 Screen Writing Expo script writing contest. I am a believer. I am now a loyal customer of Screenplay Readers. I look forward to your continued professionalism, affordable and expedient turnaround as I continue to pursue my screen writing career.” — Terrence Ty Manns, The Rendering

“It was worth the wait. I am as happy as a pig in mud with my Consider’ and will make changes accordingly. I will definitely use you guys again!” — Jotham Kingston, The Engine

“Thanks very much. This was just what we needed. Many thanks for your speedy turnaround.” — Soraya Chemaly, Fake Momma

“Thanks Brian. The coverage was great! The notes were exceptional. The reader gave me a lot of ideas (and suggestions) of the changes I need to make. Feedback is sometimes tough to swallow, but the key is to sift through it and know how to make the script better. I’ve used about 6 different coverage services, and you guys, by far, have the best notes I have received. Between the cost, and turnaround time, and the quality of thought put into the notes, it makes me look at the story differently so I know what direction to head into. You definitely have my business after my rewrites are done!” — Tim Earnheart, The Exec

“Thank you for the prompt response, and the coverage as well. It is good to know issues that I need to work on. I appreciate your service and honesty.” — Eric Hammeren, Clone

“Thanks for your speedy and thorough reader’s report. It hits all the major points that need to be addressed. I would recommend your services and will probably use them again myself.” — Phil Travis, Hank

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“Thanks again for your incredibly in depth, fast, and painfully truthful service. I will take all the advice your reader has given me and integrate it into my script, and send it back to you when I feel masochistic again.” — Barry Haims, Enter

“Hi Brian. I just wanted to say thanks very much for this service… I was really pleased with the feedback, this is the first time I used a reader service and was thinking of not pursuing writing, but with the honest critique and positive comments, its really given me a boost, (the reader) really understood what I was trying to show with symbolism character and dialogue. I’ve been on a high all day.” — Dom Farelli, Quarter Life Crisis

“Just a quick hello and say Thank You to your team of script coverage people…both did a very good and thorough job on covering our script. They both had very good comments and suggestions for our Screenplay.” — Marco Kujovic, Maybe This Time I’ll Win

“Dear Brian, I’ve just received your coverage for my screenplay and was just writing to let you know how impressed I was with your service. The comments provided gave an excellent insight to the weak areas of my script and were so constructive that I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to receive a pass on my script! Needless to say I will be recommending your service and look forward to dealing with you again. Thanks!” — Shane O’Sullivan, Emily

“What wonderful coverage! Thanks so much for the time you and your team put into evaluating the script. I will begin a second draft right away.” — T. Kendall, Georgia Skies

“Dear Brian – Thanks for your no-holds-barred coverage of my script, The DeMille Conspiracy. I appreciate the brutal honesty and on point analysis, particularly in regard to character development and throughline. Your reader’s critique helped me to take a fresh look at the script with an eye toward strengthening the entire story. I am now sending you my next script, The Smiley Face Killers and looking forward to your prompt and detailed service.” — R. Hammond, The DeMille Conspiracy

“Brian – Got the coverage I ordered today. Thanks so much! You really deliver a TON for your cost – it’s almost ridiculous. My first gig in the business was working as a reader years ago and my rate was a penny more than what you’re charging! At any rate, I really can’t thank you and your reader enough for the fine work. The coverage was informative in both the synopsis (it’s always interesting to see what comes across as important) and in the notes (the criticisms in which are all well-founded and helpful). Please pass along my gratitude.” — Alex Greenfield, The Seven Wonders of A. Henry Cohen

“Very constructive critique that I can pull from for the rewrite… Ultimately I am happy with the service and will use you again!” — W. Jordan, A Rose Given

“Thank you, Brian. Great insights that I had (obviously) overlooked. You’ve given me clarity in how to approach the next draft. I will use your service again when my latest work-in-progress is completed. Great value and worth the extra wait.” — Tracy S. Williams, The Hole

“Thanks very much for the great writeup on my screenplay. As a screenwriter, it’s so hard to find people to review my screenplays that actually Get it’ and can provide constructive criticism. Thanks again for all of your help.” — Jackie L. Young, Southern Fried Yankees

“Thanks so much Brian. This is the first time we’ve used your service… and the coverage is really great – exceptionally well thought out and detailed. I am sure that Carl will appreciate it. Thanks again.” — Amelie de Richemont, for Carl Van Dekker Under the Fence

“Your coverage and comments were very insightful and truly helpful. Thank you!” — Adolphus Thomas, Magic City

“Thank you very much. Your suggestions basically brought to light every question I had about the script. These notes will make the story and characters MUCH better. Thanks again, I will definitely use your service again when I write another script.” — Jake Craney, Zenna

“Very insightful and helpful notes! Thanks so much, Brian!” — David Alvarez, The Lives of Riley

“Thank you very much for your coverage. Without the first go around the script wouldn’t be what it is today. You guys are awesome.” — J. Valentine, The Age of Reason

“Thank you for your coverage of The Blues. I was impressed by your insights and agree with the changes and additions that need to be made.” — David McPete, The Blues

“Thanks so much for an excellent coverage, I fully support what you have said here, being too close means you tend to brush over this stuff. You have nailed where it works and where it goes wrong and given me a lot of work which is why I sent it in the first place. Nice one.” — Kyle Portbury, On The Right Hand

“Thanks for the coverage notes. They are useful. Some surprises, and much food for thought!” — J. Bassat, Somersaulting Over New York

“Thank you so much for the quick turnaround, while also being the most helpful coverage I’ve received on the project thus far. I will DEFINITELY be using your service for all of my coverage needs from now on. So glad I found you guys.” — K. Macy, 24 Hour Jim

“Wow! You guys are fast. Thanks for the very thorough coverage! Things usually come together on the seventh draft for me so at least I know I’m headed in the right direction. Please thank your reader for all of the notes and suggestions. I will definitely recommend you guys and use you again.” — M. Sheetz, Trouble In Cootieville

“Thanks so much for the prompt response. I can’t wait to begin a rewrite. As a first time Screenwriter I appreciate this feedback more than you can imagine.” — Peter Hoare, Killing John Stamos

“As this is my first real script I’ve written, I could not have been more pleased with the feedback I received. I’ll be sure to mention your company to everyone at my writing group. It really helped me pinpoint some key areas to focus on with my script and I even decided to change the focus from the male lead to the female lead to make the story more coherent. I just wanted to let you know I greatly appreciated all your notes and will be a loyal customer for all my future scripts.” — Katie Ostreko, Alone in a Crowd

“This was very helpful, especially the one who gave it a Consider. I think the reader had some great suggestions that were specific and gave me new ideas about the script. The other one was good too, but not quite as specific and was a little harder to apply. All in all, though, this was very positive and I’m eager to get working again.” — Mark Littleton, The Menopause Ladies Team

“Just wanted to thank you for FABULOUS suggestions for improvement – very well received. I will certainly incorporate the analysis into my revised draft. Please pass my sincerest thanks to the reader.” — Frank Neuschaefer, Ike Murray Construction

“Great coverage! Thanks for your notes. The script will only get better.” — J. Valentine, The Age of Reason

“Wow that was awesome of you guys. I was putting it out there for some general opinions on the story to see if it was something I wanted to really put some time into. I have a lot of work and research to do but now I’m inspired! Thanks again for the great help.” — Brandon Clark, Unconditional

“Your feedback is PERFECT, exactly want I need for a re-write, I knew it needed work, but couldn’t get adequate feedback. Will definitely use your service again.” — Jennifer Harper, Deacon Holmes

“You guys were awesome. Your coverage was spot on. When you’re personally so close to the story you miss the details. In your case you spotted everything. Thanks for such a great job on this. I will be telling everyone to use your services.” — Bill Stephens, Last Man Out

“I’ve had a quick read of my feedback. I agree with nearly all of it, some of which I sorta already knew in the back of my mind.” — Fox Bronte, Simulcrum

“Thanks for helping me make SCARS the best it can be. Your professional opinion was well received. Thanks for your ideas. In the back of my mind I was thinking along those same lines.” — Johnny Russell, Scars

“Quick turnaround, fair price and helpful notes.” — Tanya Farouki, Out of Order

“Just did a quick read of the script analysis. Tell the reader it is well done, and gives me some excellent points to work on for the rewrite.” — Michael Rome, Ms. Right

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“Your reader’s script notes are some of the best money I’ve ever invested!” — Doug Slocum, Psuedonym

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“The analysis I got from Screenplay Readers has been invaluable. I greatly appreciate it.” — Perry Shumway, Problem of Evil

“This is my first ever screenplay, so I was happy to get the constructive criticism.” — Jon Lee Brody, The Crow: Vindication

“I found the notes helpful in catalyzing a revision to the work.” — Chris Osman, It Spread

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