Richard Walter – Quick Screenwriting Insights

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I recently did a quick interview with screenwriter and screenwriting educator, Richard Walter. Walter has taught screenwriting for almost 40 years, and serves as Chairman of UCLA’s screenwriting graduate program. Not to mention, he’s a celebrated author and sought-after studio … Read More

Are script coverage services worth it?

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Good news everyone - the script is not a complete clusterf*ck

Are script coverage services worth it? Paid script coverage, that is? Commonly, when screenwriters need notes, they ask their peers, their fellow writers, or their writers groups. But what about writers who don’t have a lot of access to any … Read More

7 Must-Have Screenwriting iPhone Apps for Screenwriters

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man with old cell phone

A short list of essential screenwriting iPhone apps (and some for iPads as well) – apps which I believe should be a part of any discerning, elitist iPhone screenwriter’s library, if he or she hopes to continues to remain the better of, and more educated than, the peasants using all of those knuckle-dragging non-Apple devices.

How to Not Be A Racist Screenwriter

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this machine can kill racism if you let it (A typewriter)

The film industry is taking significant steps towards diversity. We can discuss how big those steps are, or how late they are, or whether or not those steps will take us as far as our industry needs to be, but … Read More