Our Script Services

  • Standard Script Coverage - 1 Reader

    Script Coverage

    Our script coverage service for feature films, tv pilots, and teleplays provides you with honest feedback and actionable, specific notes on how to make your script stronger and more sellable. Includes logline, synopsis, up to 8 pages of critical feedback, 22-category analysis scoresheet, Bechdel Test, recommendation, and 3 Follow-Up Questions with your reader.

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  • Script Coverage with 2 Readers

    Script Coverage – 2 Script Readers

    Our standard script coverage service, but with TWO script readers reading your script instead of just one. Includes one synopsis and logline, up to 16 pages of critical feedback, two 22-category analysis scoresheets, 2 Bechdel tests, 2 recommendations, and 6 Follow-Up Questions with your script readers.

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  • Script Coverage with 3 Script Readers

    Script Coverage – 3 Script Readers

    Our standard script coverage service, but with THREE script readers reading your script. Includes one synopsis and logline, up to 24 pages of critical feedback, three 22-category Script Reader Scoresheets, 3 Bechdel tests, 3 recommendations, and 9 Follow-Up Questions with your script readers.

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Script Editing Services

  • Script Formatting and Proofreading Service

    Script Formatting Service with Proofreading

    We’ll put your script into proper screenplay format, as well as find and fix all errors — from punctuation to spelling to grammar — making it look and read as polished as possible before you send it out to producers and agents. We find all the errors and WE make all the fixes.

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  • Script Proofreading

    Send us your script and we’ll markup any and all errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar — and any other spots where your syntax and/or presentation could use some work — and return the marked-up script file to you. We find and mark all the errors so that you can make the fixes.

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Additional Services

  • Deep Dive Development Notes

    Deep-Dive Development Notes

    Our Deep-Dive Development Notes offer a far more detailed critical analysis of your script than what any of our script coverage services provide. Includes 10+ pages of detailed, in-depth critique of your script, line-by-line, word-by-word, with actionable, specific notes, plus a Free Reader Request so you can work with the script reader of your choice.

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  • Script Coverage for Shorts, Sitcoms, and Treatments

    Script Coverage for Shorts, Sitcoms, and Treatments

    Script coverage for any script, sitcom, treatment, or any document under 40 pages.  Includes logline, feedback and analysis, our 22-category analysis scoresheet, Bechdel test, and recommendation. No Reader Follow-up Questions.

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  • Book and Manuscript Coverage

    Our book and manuscript coverage starts at $1.50 per page and includes constructive critique, synopsis, logline, recommendation, and 25-category analysis grid.

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  • budget script coverage

    Budget Script Coverage

    We read your script and and provide you with up to 150 words of feedback and suggestions, plus score it in 22 categories such as plot, character, and dialogue. Great for writers and producers on a tight budget who just need the bare bones.

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  • Script Reader Request

    Prefer to work with a specific script reader on our team? Add a Reader Request to your order! Great for working with the same reader across multiple drafts.

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  • oversized script fee

    Oversized Script Fee

    If your script is over 120 pages, even by a single word or a single line, you’ll need to add the Oversized Script Fee to your order.

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  • 24-Hour Rush Service

    Your script gets prioritized ahead of our other orders so we can get your coverage back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

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