Our script coverage service helps you improve your script before you send it to producers

The original and still the best script coverage service in the film industry

For over 25 years, we’ve helped tighten up over 30,000 screenplays for literally thousands of screenwriters, producers, studios, and streaming services

Screenwriters about to send their screenplays to agents, name talent, or producers and who rely on our experienced script readers to provide suggestions for improvement

Major producers and agents who need to know if the scripts sent to them are worth developing or packaging

Screenwriters and producers who use our script coverage to find weak spots in their screenplay prior to submitting it to a script contest

Screenwriters and television writers who need quick, constructive feedback before pitching at major studios and streamers

Writers groups and screenwriting festivals who trust our script readers to judge their submissions and provide great notes and feedback

Script Notes

Honest critique on what’s working and what’s not in your script, as well as a few creative suggestions for fixes.

Free Follow-up Questions with your reader(s)

Feel free to ask your readers questions after you receive your script coverage. Clarify something they wrote about it or jam with them on creative ideas.


Your screenplay summed up in one or two sentences. Great for pitching or marketing.

Category Scoresheet

Your script’s score in 22 key categories, such as character, dialogue, plot, theme, and more. Great for tracking progress across drafts.


Your story summarized down to about a page. Good to have because if a script reader misses an important beat, it’s likely that an agent or producer will too. Also good for pitching or potential investors.


PASS, CONSIDER, or RECOMMEND. This is meant to give you an idea of how a reader at a studio or agency might react. This, like the rest of your coverage, is only seen by you.

Bechdel Score and Diversity score

Bechdel Score is a reflection of your script’s female representation. Diversity Score is our take on how well your script incorporates characters from different backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences.

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1) To get a good idea of how a studio producer could react to your script before you send it to them.

2) To catch mistakes and potential improvements you might have overlooked because you’re so close to your draft.

3) To give your script every advantage possible in a very competitive industry.

1) We keep it simple. Providing feedback on screenplays is all we do. We don’t run script contests or promise to pitch you to an agent, or any of that other b.s. other services use to exploit writers and filmmakers.

2) Our readers are screenwriters themselves, each with at least a decade of film industry experience, and we pay them the highest rate in the industry. Other services work with newbies or interns.

3) Here at Screenplay Readers, you know who’s reading your script (names, bios, and pics here), unlike nearly all the copycat services, where the readers are anonymous and shady.

4) Our script coverage gives you specific actions to take on your next draft. Our imitators provide mostly general screenwriting advice and motivational nonsense.

5) Our readers don’t use AI to write your coverage, unlike many of our imitators now.

6) We keep your data, your screenplay, and your ideas 100% private and secure. Other services have been caught scraping and selling user data. Be careful!

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