Extensive Script Notes



Script notes on your screenplay – page by page, line by line. It doesn’t get more detailed than this.

Our Extensive Script Notes service includes

  • A minimum of 10 pages of single-spaced, detailed, in-depth notes and feedback
  • Focused, specific notes on character, structure, plot, dialogue, and more
  • 25-Category Rewrite Priorities Grid (Our reader’s opinion on 25 key areas where they feel you should focus your rewrite on)
  • Free Reader Request ($30 value) (Or you can just have us assign your reader at random.)

Extensive Script Notes Sample 1

Extensive Script Notes Option: Have your script read by Screenplay Readers owner Brian O’Malley (additional fee applies) and receive annotations and notes written on your screenplay file. This service does not include 10 pages of written notes, but instead, includes handwritten notes, edits, suggestions, and markup by Brian on the actual pages of your screenplay, delivered to you as a PDF. 

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