Script Coverage Templates

Our script coverage template collection is free to download. Feel free to modify however you like. The files are Microsoft Word documents (.docx). Please keep in mind that every agency, production company, studio, etc. usually has their own template for script coverage, so these templates are but a drop in the bucket when it comes to how many different styles there are out there for script coverage templates.

The fundamentals of a good template? Header information that stands out, ease of readability (whether it’s your font choice, margins, or paragraph spacing), and sections that are easy to understand. Keep it visual and you can’t go wrong.

If you need to add a header to these templates, use any JPG or PNG. Preferably 300DPI so that the print quality is optimal.

Download and use freely:

Script Coverage Template 1
thumbnail showing template 1

Segmented coverage template with 9-category bottom grid.

Script Coverage Template 2
thumbnail showing template 1

Breezy coverage template with 7-category grid.

Script Coverage Template 3

Segmented. Script coverage or notes. 5-category analysis grid. No logo.

Script Coverage Template 4

Wide top logo, compact 5-category analysis grid up top, detailed 20-category analysis grid at the bottom. 3-line budget grid.

Script Coverage Template 5

5-category analysis grid up top. Top center square logo.

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