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    Script coverage for serious screenwriters and producers

    Your script has only one chance to wow an agent, studio, or contest. Make it count.

    Screenplay Readers will read your screenplay and provide experienced, honest script coverage that's both critical and constructive, pointing out where your script needs more work to give it the best possible shot, while giving you an idea of how an agent, producer, script contest, film investor, or name actor (or one of their script readers) will react, before you send it out.

    We read your script, write script coverage or script notes for it, then email the notes back to you within 24-72 hours so you have fast, honest, and affordable feedback on your script.

    We've covered scripts for some of the biggest companies in the film industry

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    Our elite script coverage team has worked for CAA, Sundance, JJ Abrams (Bad Robot), ICM, SyFy, Ridley Scott, Curtis Hanson, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, and more. Each and every one of our script analysts has been hand-picked for extensive script analysis and development experience, and are dedicated to helping you improve your script.

    And that's the key reason that's kept our clients coming back for over 15 years, and has made us the film industry's #1 choice for script coverage.

    Get script coverage

    Selling your script or landing an agent may be just a few drafts away...

    So if you're ready to improve your script so it stands a better chance of getting sold, or landing you an agent or manager, or winning a script contest, or getting produced, then click here for a list of our script coverage services.

    What is script coverage?

    Wait...What is script coverage?

    Studios and agents commonly employ script readers to read submitted spec scripts and provide 1-2 page memos about the scripts called "coverage reports." Busy agents and producers rely on these coverages to know which screenplays they should read themselves and which screenplays they should skip. Getting your hands on coverage for your own screenplay was almost always expensive and time-consuming until Screenplay Readers began providing industry-standard screenplay coverage to screenwriters, production companies, studios, agents, managers, festivals, contests, and independent producers in 1999.

    What goes into every one of our script coverages:

    Your script, summed up in one or two sentences. If it turns out that your logline is much longer than that, your script might be too "soft concept" and more difficult to sell, market, or land an agent or manager with.

    Your script's story, squeezed down to the essentials. This 1-2 page "skinny" is a sort of bird's eye view that helps you see how well a stranger would understand your key plot points and throughlines. If our reader missed an important beat, it's likely that an agent or producer will too.

    One of 3 possible ratings: PASS (the script is not a lost cause, but it needs a lot of work), CONSIDER (the script still needs work, but may be considered by an agency or studio), or RECOMMEND (The script is pretty much good to go, so go ahead and get it out there.) Don't feel bad if you get a PASS. It's an opportunity to improve. Right around 95% of screenplays receive a PASS, while 4% receive a CONSIDER, and only 1% or less receive a RECOMMEND.

    Including our 25-category ratings grid, about 2-3 pages (or more) of notes on what's working and/or not working about your characters, plot, conflict, dialogue, marketability, theme, and concept. You might not agree with some, (or even any) but you can use what you agree with and discard the rest, or at the very least see how an anonymous script reader reacts to your script, which allows you tweak your draft so that there's less chance of being misunderstood by a real-world reader at an agency, studio, production company, or script contest.
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    How people use Screenplay Readers:
    Screenwriters about to mail off their screenplays to agents, name talent, producers, script contests, or script festivals

    Dozens of agents and managers looking for new writers, or keeping their existing writers motivated and competitive

    Several major producers who regularly send us scripts to find out if they're worth optioning/buying

    A dozen or more screenwriters who regularly need solid script notes before pitching at major studios and prodcos

    Several screenwriters who use our feedback to tweak their scripts prior to submitting for contests, including one who made it into the Nicholl Fellowship

    Many overseas distributors/producers who use our coverage to help determine which films to finance

    Several hyper-competitive screenwriters who've gone through our entire roster of analysts to get the maximum amount of opinions on their scripts

    Producers who use our service to firm up scripts and give them that "one last look" prior to sending them out to name talent when putting together packages.

    How does Screenplay Readers' 2-minute checkout work?

    How to order - Step 1

    Pick which script coverage service you'd like from our script coverage services page. One reader? Two? Three? Or try 10 or more readers, all at once or spread out over several drafts.


    How to order - Step 2

    Check out with any credit card or Paypal. Our shopping cart is powered by a super-secure credit card processor so your transaction and your information will be 100% safe.


    How to order - Step 3

    Upload your script using our upload form. Then we'll assign your script to your reader(s) and get your script coverage to you with 24-72 hours
    Some common myths about script coverage
    myths about script coverage MYTH:"You must have script coverage in order to get your script sold or represented" You absolutely do not need script coverage to get your script sold or represented, but without blunt feedback, you can't know what's making producers and agents put your script down half way, or even ten pages into it.

    MYTH:"You need paid script coverage in order to improve your script" We always encourage clients to get as much free feedback as possible before working with us. Writers groups, forums, friends and family - all are good. But all of that takes a lot of time and energy, and the results can often be unreliable.

    MYTH:"Agents don't read a script unless it's received script coverage first" Agents and producers want to read anything that comes with a good recommendation, whether it's an in-house coverage, word-of-mouth, or a favor read for a friend. That being said, if the script isn't up to snuff, most of them have no problem putting it down.
    Some common concerns about ordering script coverage:

    "What if I don't agree with the script coverage you provide for my screenplay?"

    Us in the office

    We're writers too, so we know what it feels like to receive criticism on our work, and believe me, it's not always fun. But it's our view that without consistent, critical feedback on our screenwriting, from a variety of sources, we don't get very far as screenwriters. Use our script notes and coverage to guide your next draft, or cherry pick the notes you think will help your script the most.

    "How qualified is the team reading my script and providing script coverage?

    Our script analysts come from all sorts of film industry backgrounds: development, production, post-production - you name it. Each reader is brought aboard the Screenplay Readers team only if they have comprehensive film industry experience and a presentable, hard-copy track record of critiquing screenplays. In addition, their writing style and critical voice is vetted for several key traits: fastidiousness, insight, verbal articulation, and the ability to synthesize solutions and suggestions. If they don’t have all these qualities, we simply don’t offer them a contract with Screenplay Readers.

    Screenplay Readers

    The Runners-Up

    Turnaround green checkmark 24-72 hours red x mark From 5 days to 3-4 weeks
    Price green checkmark $79.99 red x mark $95 - $375
    Style of analysis green checkmark Hard-hitting, expert, as objective as possible, and brief red x mark Nice, but can be snarky or over-personal, or reads like a movie review
    Analysts green checkmark A full staff of paid, expert film industry script analysts, each with 5-20 years of development experience red x mark A lot of places are either 1-person operations or use college students and interns
    Years in business green checkmark Est. 1999. red x mark Most have been open less than 1 year, and a new one opens every few weeks
    Primary focus green checkmark Making screenplays more sellable red x mark Screenwriter encouragement, screenwriting lessons
    Owner green checkmark B. O'Malley, produced screenwriter / veteran filmmaker / Roger Corman alumnus with over 27 years of experience red x mark Hard to tell because most of them are anonymous
    100% Guarantee green checkmark Yes red x mark No

    Oh, and here's a few clients we've been able to help recently:

    "I think your reader gave me very accurate feedback, has given me a new perspective and we'll see where it goes. so - tell them thanks for me and I hope to use you again with a much better version in the future!"
    J R Fisgus MD, Screenwriter of The Right Thing, 11/6/2014

    "Hi Kaci and Brian - Your readers are fantastic and highlighted elements of our script that we are too close to and therefore, unable to see clearly. Thank you so much. I hope to submit again with suggested improvements. You offer such a valuable service. Thank you for these intelligent, constructive commentaries."
    Andréa Morris, Screenwriter of Baby Blue, 10/21/2014

    "Brian, I had also been meaning to send a 'thank you' email. Notes I received from your company helped me place in a top-tier competition and land representation. So, thank you!"
    Jeffrey Storms, Screenwriter of Buscone 10/9/2014

    "The coverage provided offered a detailed overview of what works, what doesn't and ideas for improvement. I was apprehensive about getting coverage at first, but you guys proved what a helpful and inspiring tool professional script coverage could be. Thank you!"
    Nick Barbera, Screenwriter of Summer of Glory 10/2/2014

    "Overall pleased with read and comments. Reader did read script and we are pleased with her response. She came back with issues we knew we had and raised questions that we overlooked due to being too 'close' to the project. We also ascertained what elements the reader pick up on and ones that were missed."
    Anthony D., Screenwriter of Tried & True 9/29/2014

    "As usual, I'm very pleased with the quality of the coverage at SR. The readers notes have given me a lot to work with as I continue to improve the quality of this script and then SELL IT! I'll probably re-submit one more time for a fresh, and hopefully final, read. Thanks again!"
    Aaron Goldberg, Screenwriter, 8/28/2014

    "Excellent help, Lynn. I know what to do next. You revealed (a) what I was unaware of doing, and (b) what I couldn't articulate how I knew it needed to change. Now, I'll commence staring again, at the page, until my forehead bleeds. Thanks."
    Tim Gehling, Screenwriter of Untitled Western, 8/22/2014

    "Thank you very much for the promptness and professionalism demonstrated by your readers. While I wish the feedback that I received was more positive, the issues with my script that they raised were most definitely helpful and valuable for my future revisions. Thanks again."
    Brick Andrews, Screenwriter of The Five Chapters of Max, 8/4/2014

    "Excellent concise coverage of the script and the reader highlighted a couple of things that I knew were not quite right and it was nice to get these confirmed. The reader also put forward a suggestion in regards to the project of taking it down another avenue and it makes sense. I've taken everything on board that was highlighted and really appreciate the constructive comments. I'm impressed enough that I'll be sending another script within the next 48 hrs. Once again. Thanks."
    Jim Duncanson, Writer of Chase the Roses, 7/29/2014

    Click here to read more quotes from 100+ other satisfied writers and agents and producers...

    We stand behind our script coverage and script notes 100%

    The Screenplay Readers Guarantee
    If you're not satisfied with the quality of our work, we'll make it right for you with a new read, a new synopsis, or new comments.

    What's holding your spec script back from landing an agent, or getting sold?

    Let us tell you. We'll be 100% brutally honest, but you have to be ready for it

    Are you?

    Standard Script Coverage 1 Reader
    • 1 reader will read your script and provide coverage
    • 1 Logline
    • 1 Rating (PASS / CONSIDER / RECOMMEND)
    • 1-2 pages of brief synopsis
    • 2-3 pages of comments, focusing on where your script could use improvement (single spaced)
    • 25-Category Analysis Grid (How your script scores in 25 different categories: dialogue, characters, readability, etc.)
    • 24-72 hour turnaround
    • PDF only version of your coverage
    Standard Script Coverage 2 Readers
    • 2 readers will read your script and provide coverage
    • 1 Logline
    • 2 Ratings (PASS / CONSIDER / RECOMMEND)
    • 1-2 pages of brief synopsis
    • up to 5-7 pages of comments focusing on where your script could use improvement (single spaced)
    • TWO 25-Category Analysis Grids (How your script scores in 25 different categories: dialogue, characters, readability, etc.)
    • 24-72 hour turnaround
    • PDF only version of your coverage
    Standard Script Coverage 3 Readers
    • 3 readers will read your script and provide coverage
    • 1 Logline
    • 3 Ratings (PASS / CONSIDER / RECOMMEND)
    • 1-2 pages of brief synopsis total
    • up to 7-9 pages of comments, focusing on where your script could use improvement (single spaced)
    • THREE 25-Category Analysis Grids (How your script scores in 25 different categories: dialogue, characters, readability, etc.)
    • FREE editable Word version PLUS the PDF version of your coverage
    • FREE entry of your script into our annual script contest (a $35 value) (OPTIONAL)
    • FREE listing of your script title, logline, and contact info on our "Hot List" email that goes out to our film industry partners seeking quality scripts (Recommends and Considers only) (WITH YOUR PERMISSION ONLY)
    • FREE vaulting of your script within our secure, private vault for 5 years in case you need it to prove ownership or lose your draft for any reason (OPTIONAL)
    10 Reader Comments Only Package
    • Buy credits for 10 Comments-Only Coverages and use them any time, for any script(s)
    • Credits for 10 Comments-Only coverages (include Comments, Rating, and Analysis Grid only)
    • Spend the credits any time, on any script or draft. They don't expire!
    • Mix and match the credits on different drafts, or use them all on one
    • 2-3 pages of comments for each script, focusing on where your script could use improvement (single spaced)
    • TEN 25-Category Analysis Grids (How your script scores in 25 different categories: dialogue, characters, readability, etc.)
    • Great investment for writers with lots of scripts, or who like multiple opinions on their work
    • Buying in advance saves you $300
    Get script coverage
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