Standard Script Coverage - 1 Reader

Script Coverage – 1 Reader


The script coverage service that’s made us #1 since 1999

We started in 1999 with a single service – a one-reader script coverage. Since then, we’ve grown, added more services to our menu, but we’ve never lost sight of our core service: the single-reader, standard script coverage. It’s been the film industry’s gold standard for decades, and a great asset for screenwriters, producers, agents, and name talent.

Our Standard Script Coverage runs anywhere from six to eight pages (2000 words or more), includes a logline, 1-2 pages of synopsis of your screenplay, a standard RECOMMEND / CONSIDER / PASS reader recommendation, our 25-category Analysis Grid, scoring your script in 25 key categories, 3-4 single-spaced pages of objective script analysis to give you an idea of what’s working and what needs improvement, with regards to story, character, structure, conflict, and dialogue, as well as a brief overview of any punctuation, spelling, or formatting errors, and 3 Reader Follow-Up questions you can ask your reader after you receive your coverage. 

For scripts up to 120 pages maximum only.  We charge an additional $40 for scripts over 120 pages, with a maximum of 200 pages. Please make sure you select the proper page count in the box above. (Required page specifications: US letter 8.5″ x 11″ (21.5 cm by 27.9 cm) only, 12-point Courier-family font, 1″ margins on all sides, max 3.5″ wide dialogue blocks, 54 lines per page max (including white space lines))

General turnaround time for 1-reader script coverages is 24-72 hours.

Sample Script Coverage 1 | Sample Script Coverage 2 | Sample Script Coverage 3

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The notes your readers provided were insightful and were exactly what I was looking for moving forward into a second draft of my script. Although one gave it a consider rating (yay), the other was not as convinced and gave it a pass. Regardless, the latter had some overlap comments/areas that needed improving which I will use in conjunction with the notes from the reader who was more responsive to the material. I was expecting two passes and was elated to get a consider out of the gate... this enthusiasm has really lit a spark at the keyboard to keep going. I sent it in hoping to confirm areas I thought could use improving and both sniffed them out right away. And their insight on possible changes and character issues are immensely helpful. Would highly recommend your services.

The Reclusive Mr. Finch