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Script coverage from 3 script readers at once – a tons of suggestions and notes on how to improve your script’s chances

Script coverage provided by THREE (3) script readers reading your script. Get 3 perspectives on your script all at the same time and go into your next rewrite armed with a slew of actionable notes and suggestions.

Our Regular 3-Reader Script Coverage includes:

  • (1) Logline 
  • (1) Brief Synopsis of your script 
  • (3) Feedback Sections (detailed, actionable notes and suggestions)
  • (3) Rewrite Priorities Grids (Our reader’s opinion on 25 key areas where they feel you should focus on for rewrites)
  • (3) Recommendations (PASS/CONSIDER/RECOMMEND)
  • (3) Informal Bechdel Test Scores 
  • (9) Script Reader Follow-Up Questions

Sample Regular Script Coverage 1 | Sample Feedback-Only Script Coverage


Please make sure you select the proper page count of your screenplay/teleplay/pilot in the pulldown menu under the Add To Cart button. Required page specifications: US letter 8.5″ x 11″ (21.5 cm by 27.9 cm) only, 12-point Courier-family font, minimum 1″ margins on all sides, max 3.5″ wide dialogue blocks, 54 lines per page max (including white space lines) 


Order a Reader Request above if you’d like to work with any particular reader. If, in the rare event a requested reader isn’t available, we’ll ask you to choose another or we’ll refund your Reader Request fee. If you order a Reader Request for your coverage, please know that that reader is allowed up to 5 days to complete your service, in order to give them scheduling flexibility to take on your request.


General turnaround time for our script coverage service is approximately 3 days.  If you need your coverage back within 24 hours, please consider adding our 24-Hr. Rush Service to your order. If we don’t get your coverage back to you within 24 hours, we’ll refund the Rush Fee.


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