Script Formatting Service


Make sure your script looks its best before handing it to agents and producers

While it’s true that no amazing screenplay will ever be circular-filed for a few typos, the more professional your screenplay looks, the higher your chances are of an agent’s assistant or development executive recommending it.

It makes zero sense to send your screenplay to producers if it’s full of typos that your Final Draft or other screenwriting app didn’t catch. We’ll put your script into proper screenplay format, as well as find and fix all errors — from punctuation to spelling to grammar. Turnaround time is approximately five business days.

What this service includes: Conforming the text to proper film industry-standard script format (proper character/dialogue/action elements etc., margins, fonts, font sizes, and line spacing), fixing punctuation and spelling, and delivery of your finished script in all the following formats: Fade In, Final Draft, RTF (for import to Microsoft Word), Fountain (Highland), and PDF. Any errors that we would point out in our lower-priced Script Proofreading service, we would simply correct as a part of this, our Script Formatting Service.

What this service does not include: Rewriting or making any creative choices, translating your script to English, or rewriting a script that’s been translated to English. We also do not edit any grammar that we determine to be a stylistic or creative choice, such as creative dialogue or stylistic prose. We also do not provide red-ink markup on the page as we do in our Script Proofreading (Red Ink) service because we simply fix the errors instead of marking them.

Our base rate is $350 but if your script requires more work, we will contact you before starting any work and let you know how much more it will cost. At that point you can either continue with the service or we can refund your order entirely. Most scripts only require the base rate.

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